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Sunday, October 18, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day18

I am having a hard time lately. It not just 2020 is a bad year, it's that I am having a hard time. This prompt resonates with me so much. When I need to unwind after work, had a terrible day, or if I am sad I turn towards meditation. Getting into a state of detachment, that's what I like. I can get there by listening to music, but meditation is the best way.

The act of letting go, relaxing, or process requires a few things for me: breathing and something to channel the energy. I am not  sure where I am going with this, but writing can be a type of meditation. Today it is appropriate that the prompt focusing on relaxing. It is getting me a chance to unwind and focus. Also there is breathing.

Prompt: Breathe and Process / Poetic Form: Diatelle

The Process 



I can breath,

don't ask me to

stop, I cannot even...

Breath goes in, that is all I can 

feel right now, breathing in and breathing out.

There is only me and my intake of air and

the moment where there is no breath moving.

Continuing inward and then what?

The next step I suppose,

outwards rushing,

cold then warm,



I did not rhyme in this form. My heart has not been in it, but I wanted to try something new and be hindered by rhyme, which has eluded me since OctPoWriMo started. I am pleased with the outcome. What do you think, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment below...

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