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Thursday, October 8, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 8 with a Diamond

I guess I just can't follow the rules. I mean, I try...okay, maybe not hard enough, but I do try, especially when it is important. Mostly!

Today poetic suggestion is a Diamante, a 7 line poem that is shaped like a diamond. It also connects the first line, which is a noun and the last line, which is a noun that is the opposite of the first line. The website listed above explains how to write a diamante. A really good one too, so much that I borrowed it. The only problem is that I sometimes like to break the rules. A rebel writer sometimes? Yeah, a rebel writer.

I started this poem thinking I would just follow the instructions and poof I would have a poem, then later (if I wanted to) then I could experiment. Didn't even get that far. My first diamante is an experimental diamante.

Topic: Connection / Poetic Form: Diamante

Tying Together


Together, Next (to)

Becoming, Growing, Learning

Knowledge and choice; Fear and choice

Leaving, Moving (away), Changing

Away, Distance


There is a little more existential thought with this poem, but with the themes that are popping up in the OctPoWriMo feed, I feel it works. What I added to the form is a few extra (two) words, I set up the sentence structure a little differently, and I did not go with concrete nouns for the main topics. It's different, but somehow I am significantly more pleased with today's outcome than I was with yesterday's. We are critical of our work, sometimes overly critical, aren't we?

I can be a completist sometimes, so because of that I am writing a regular (normal) diamante. It is still not the actually poem, per the instructions, but I am also extremely silly sometimes. Be prepared Dear Readers, I released the Kracken on this one and an extra bit of dorkiness...



Scaly, Wet

Slipping (away), Sliding (past), Swimming (away)

Fins and Tails, or maybe Pets(?) and Snacks(!)

Running, Clucking, Laying (eggs!)

Ugly or (oddly) Cute?


As always, Dear Readers, leave me a comment, a suggestion, or (this is a new request) a really terrible Dad Joke.

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