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Sunday, October 4, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 4

 Topic: Falling / Poetic Form: Blitz Poem

I leave this as a self-explanatory expression of today's post at OctPoWriMo. Blitz poems are best written quick and dirty. Start with a topic or word and just write. It is easiest for me to just write when I am considering a Blitz Poem. Today I am writing, editing, and cleaning. Not the best use of a lazy Sunday, but it does bring quite of bit of inspiration to the table. Simply put, enjoy, Dear Readers! Also, leave me comment, please.


How It Feels To Fall

Cannot keep from

Cannot will into existence

Existence is the now

Existence is a struggle

Struggle to keeping going

Struggle to stray afloat

Afloat on a stormy sea

Afloat  away from land

Land on ground

Land on stability

Stability I don't always have

Stability, I can't always feel

Feel like I am falling

Feel an overwhelming

Overwhelming sense

Overwhelming drive

Drive to do

Drive away

Away from the chaos

Away from anything

Anything that makes me feel

Anything that I fear

Fear what I cannot control

Fear what I am

Am I even?

Am I not?

Not sure of anything that is happening

Not going to stop the process

Process what I have/need

Process the next step

Step lightly.

Step now!

Now is the time

Now I recognize

Recognize what I need

Recognize what I want

Want to move forward

Want to not move

Moving seems contradictory

Moving requires energy

Energy I don't have

Energy that I need

Need to eat

Need to write

Write it down

Write it here

Here I start

Here I finish




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