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Saturday, October 10, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 9 and 10 (The Whimsey of Loss)

Day 9 - Topic: Whimsical versus Practical / Poetic Form: Loop Poem

Looped Logic

Hard to imagine what you see.
See what you get after
after the practical fog clears;
Clears your perception.
Perception of your imagination--
imagination that brings joy.

Joy is in the practical
practical that that runs the day
Day passes into night
Night breeds the Whimsey
Whimsey that you desire.

Desire what makes you happy
happy is the state to strive for
for often there is struggle
struggle between the whimsical joy;
joy of practical that is taught
Taught to be the normal
normal is not for me.

Me? I am the whimsey
whimsey that tells
tells me the truth, 'Am I...?'
I am practically all of the whimsey
Whimsey created here.

Day 10 - Topic: Letting Go / Poetic Form: Tyburn


Reminding me of losing you, then
makes forgetting you impossible.

I needed a title for today's entries. This past week was a mental nightmare and thus a lot of garbage need to be taken out. Using the last two days of prompts helped to get some of that garbage out. On a side note, I seem to be really good at writing 2 poems every 2 days. Ha! I guess it just happens. On a positive note, I wrote a loop poem, which is not a type I remember writing before, or at least I don't write it often. Yesterday's prompt suggested a palindrome poem (a mirrored poem), which I really enjoy, but is super hard to birth into being. So, I have a Loop poem and a tyburn for you today, Dear Readers.

As always please leave me a comment and (to quote Levar Burton), 'I'll see you next time...'

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