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Thursday, October 29, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 28 & 29 (Journey to Paths Somewhere)

I'm still finding it hard to write daily, but I am not finding in hard to write lately. I even am starting to try some of the forms that I past up on previous days. I don't consider it a failure to write 2 poems in a day, but I definitely prefer to combine said poems into 1 post. I don't like cluttering up my blog feed with more than 1 post. Sometimes it happens, but at least during OctPoWriMo it makes more sense to write poems all in 1 post. So, there...

Anywhooooo, I present Days 28 and 29 with a Fable and a Puente . Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Day 28~~~

Prompt: Journey, Path, Choices / Poetic Form:  Fable

The Road that I Trod

It's the pace that I set,


or running,

but not always upon a 


road that I trod.

I wander far and wide,

upon asphalt 

and memories,

longing to run away,

but there is something

that clings to me...

There is always something 

or someone that I meet

upon these roads I trod.

Today it was a toad,

just sitting in the dirt. 

And Lo, did I realize that


maybe, I should not be sitting in the dirt.

Upon reflection,

I set upon this road I trod,

bound for home 

and a shower that awaits me.

Day 29~~~

Prompt: Traveling, Wander, Nomadic / Poetic Form: Puente

A Bridged Walk

A walk in the woods

will yield a peace of mind,

as you travel under the canopy of leaves and pine cones,

especially when there are less distractions.

~but oh, there are distractions~

distractions, less of the natural and more of the mental,

that wanders through your grey matter

and your travel those roads

of memory 

and chaos

through a different type of woods.

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