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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 6 and 7

 Ha! I did it again. I missed a day and have to  write two poems today Oh Noes!!

It really isn't a big deal. I can get myself worked up sometimes over the simplest things. The good news is that the forms that are suggested are forms I am willing to do. Rhyme is something I struggle with regularly, but meter/syllables usage is much easier, especially after all of my haiku work I have done.  I have discovered that writing in 5 or 7 syllables is really super easy for me. So, writing a Montetra and a Triolet will not be that hard. It is only +1 more syllables needed. I did modify my monotetra, because I wrote this poem without trying to rhyme and the poem is really good. Would you consider that cheating? I am curious to hear your thoughts on day 6's poem.

Hey Hey!!

Day 6 - Prompt: Desire/Drive / Poetic Form: Monotetra


It's want I want, to move faster--

desire something different.

I want to drive so far away--

is not faster, is not faster. 

Day 7 - Prompt: Learning / Poetic Form: Triolet


It is a puzzle left to solve--

all the pieces  are scattered.

Trial and error, up to you

try your luck at making mistakes

only to find yourself back at

the beginning of your task.

The voice quietly telling you,"

"Not to stop what you started."

I am even liking less what came out from this writing session. I stared off with a fantastic line, but try as I might it turned more into saccharine sludge. The message is quite lovely, but I am not pleased. I am sure it is because I also did not rhyme my triolet. My heart was clearly not into the concept of rhyme tonight. Oh well, you can't always write brilliantly. I do at least try to write truthfully and I definitely got to that level with 'Trying'. 

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