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Sunday, October 18, 2015

OctPoWriMo: My Hero (and my progress, sort of)

Somewhere between Wednesday and Sunday I missed something. I wrote my daily dose of OctPoWriMo and plans to write, I did. Thursday was a lot of Work right in Rehearsal, and then Friday was a big blur. Yesterday was my unplugged day. So, yeah, I feel less than productive, but usually after I type my check-in I feel better. Maybe today is the case. So, Dear Readers how did I measure up?

Oh, and I was introduced to American Horror Story this weekend by my beautiful friend, Kaylara. She is named (actually adapted from) after a dragon rider (Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern) and this makes my happy.

This Week:
     *Social Media: I didn't. I admit that I went visiting my blogs and sponsor duties today. But, you see when I read a blog post I want to be fully engaged and leave a incite and a positive response. so, this morning I went to my 4 dailies and my sponsor duties. I feel better. No point in wasting my negativity by not being productive, so I a, ultra productive and begin the week on a firmer footing.
      *Reading: been working my way through Dead Before Dark (Wendy Corsi Staub) a little every morning and at lunch. I also spent about 90 minutes yesterday morning reading. It is a very detailed story, so I want to be able to soak it all up. I have been slowly working on Inkheart (Cornelia Funke), only about 3 chapters in. I realized I have forgotten a number of this from the first time I read it. It's like reading it for the first time, but I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time. Definitely looking forward to watching the movie adaptation after reading the book (even if it is terrible).
      *Writing: written mostly poetry since Wednesday (about 100 - 150 words per post). A little less than my daily minimum, but I am pleased with my poetic output thus far. This week is going to be much better.
      *House tending: laundry, trash out to curb, and some dishes (still have a few more. Mostly coffee cups).
      *Theatre Stuffs: glow in the dark spike tape is ordered, rehearsals are going well (scheduling is good better), getting sponsors, waiting on the confirmation for the interview date for one of the local TV stations. 

Not bad, I missed a couple of big goals. I did not get to editing this week, nor did I post anything on Thursday. I think I need to post on Friday's instead of Thursday. I have more time on Friday's. Thursday is a rehearsal night and the last one was a long one. It is going to continue to be long as we approach tech week in two weeks! I will live, it's a fresh week, going make it count.

This (upcoming) Week:
      *Reading: finish Dead Before Dark, make progress on Inkheart. BTW, I am at 37 books out of 50 for the year's reading challenge.
      *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words. Write OctPoWriMo, and something else of my choice this week. Work on plotting (and outline) Modern Muses for NaNoWriMo.
      *Editing: devote two to three hours Tuesday to editing some of The Real Road Trip.
      *Blogging: post a poem on Tuesday, separate from the OctPoWriMo post.
      *Theatre Stuffs: report. Start set drawings and notes for crew.
      *Anything Else....

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit us at the Blog Hop, and see what everyone else is up to.

What goals are you making a lot of progress on? What goals are falling to the back burner? What TV shows (if any) have to recently discovered?

Time for poetry....
Today's Prompt: What if one of your ordinary house hold objects had a secret? Lead a double life? 

What would a pen do if it was a superhero. I am taking today's prompt and running with it. The thought occurred to me that maybe our pens, and even pencils might have a double life. Saving the day, rescuing the girl, slaying the monster? What would it be like?

Okay, I've gone a little silly on this one, but seriously it was fun to write. Enjoy, Dear Readers?

From MorgueFile
My Hero

My pen,
she sits all innocent like
lying on the table
acting like I don't know.

She has a little secret,
and never's told a soul
about what she does when no one looking.
You see she's a superhero
betcha you didn't see that coming

My pen is a superhero,
how do I know?
Well, ever see when the damsels in distress,
or the Antagonist has the upper hand,
or maybe when all is lost?

Have you even wondered how the day is saved?

It's my little pen.
My little ball point, BIC, blue inked pen,
she jumps into the air
when the darkness has fallen
and we are sleeping safe in our beds.
She takes to the air
flying fast as Superman, around the world
in a blast of magic 
and ink.

To the trouble she arrives,
not barely batting an eyelash,
as she set to work
writing a scene,
Where the hero arrives
maybe on a white ostrich,
is that even right?
Where the Antagonist is foiled
by a pen light at the right time.
Are you sure that's right?
Maybe there is a twist
and then she start anew with the plot.
My pen is mightier than the sword,
even when she writes about sword play.

Quick as any,
I am writing this down
when I can write her--
My hero,
 a happy ending too.

OctPoWriMo is a 31 day poetry challenge where you a challenged to write a poem a day, using your own wit and maybe a writing prompt or two. Come and see what the others have been up to.


  1. I haven't watched American Horror Story, but I just spoke with my brother this morning and he recommended it.I think I might try it sometime!

    I have Cornelia Funke's Inkheart books sitting on my shelf, but I haven't read them. Maybe I should dig in sometime soon. I just have so many books on my to-be-read list.

    I especially like these lines: "My pen is mightier than the sword/ even when she writes about sword play." Nice!

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. I can relate to the 'so many books on the to-read list", it always seems like I add more than I read. :-)

      Thanks, Denise!

  2. Your poem made me smile. Your pen is mighty indeed!


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