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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Why Happy Ending Did you Write

I wrote about the stories, the ending, the tales that make me most happy to read them. Don't get me wrong, I love the standards of the Faerie, and fairytales. But there is something about taking it in a different direction that makes it better, sometimes. That got me thinking. Today's poem is a little more rambly, but It makes one think a little about what we perceive and what we want in our happy endings.

So, how do you write a Happy Ending, Dear Reader?

OctPoWriMo a month long poetry challenge. Write a poem a day for 31 days. Use the daily prompt or write your own. I took the idea and ran with it. Come and read what the others are writing about at the Blog Hop! Enjoy and Happy Reading, dear Readers!!

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What Happy Ending Did you Write?

Once upon a time...
When the hero rides upon the steed
or the ingenue gets the prince
or the villain properly vanquish--
these are what make up happy endings, right?

What is it you see?

What of
the roan steed within the stable
because her coat,
not nearly glossy enough to be seen,
whilst the white stallion,
looking strong and powerful
yet parched and weary
chosen time and again.

Why pick beauty over strength?

A hero hast not be of royal blood
to save the day,
nor to win thy fair maid's hand,
to be crowned victor,
saving the day
the ending cannot be just what is written.

Upon a steed of white he rides out of the darken glades,
Riding to a happy ending to meet his only love
in a hail of heavenly choruses will they kiss.

Somewhere there is the fool,
who only just wishes,
for once to get the girl.
a chance to snuggle on the couch
whilst watching yon Netflix.

Doesn't mean throwing passion to the wind equals sex?

A sword fight, clash of steel on steel in the royal throne room
with all there to watch as the villain, moustashe twirling dives at the hero
thirsty for blood and honouring a hail of heavenly choruses.

Maybe there is a girl,
with love to give to another
who cannot be hers
bound by promises to others,
yet a love remains
bound in emotional passion.

Are these stories then wrong?

What I want in a story
what I want to be--
I want happy to mean that after all the time on the road
dusty and dirty,
foot sore and hungry,
that maybe the hero
can be with the one they love bound in a rapture of Doctor Who and cheesecake.


A happy filled with hot cocoa
and a dozen books
and maybe about three weeks to myself.


With death tasting on my lips,
of relationships burned away,
birdsong in my ears as doors close,
sunshine on your face as you say goodbye.

Would you be okay with that? Would I?

Breaking the status quo
of faerie tales,
and heroes,
dragon battles,
and adventure.

Would you still love that? Love me?

If I re-wrote the stories to be where--

I die,
but having you in my arms
as the last breath leaves my lips--
a veritable happy ending.


I live
and not have you be mine
while another can claim you as theirs.


Is the ending best when the truth lies around you
like a cloak of the warmest wool,
flower of the most beautiful colour,
the truths telling you to be brave,
the hurts that make you stronger,
the friend making it out alive,
the Protagonist getting the job done
the Antagonist serving their time.

The happiness of endings--
those spoken with truth
either for good or ill.


  1. Great ramble with very just questions.

  2. a chance to snuggle on the couch
    whilst watching yon Netflix.

    I love that, we never do get to see the real moments in the love affairs in fairytales and that is a shame. The focus on making the good characters too perfect, well it just makes them kind of unlikeable and certainly unrelateable since I think the imperfections are what make us beautiful and unique



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