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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Clock Struck Four

Rory's Story Cubes! My new favourite thing...

Roll all nine die.

Tell a story using all nine pictures.

This is my ROW80 update today. Check out my fellow writers over at the Blog Hop!

The Clock Struck Four

Once upon a time when the clock struck four, there was a knock at the door. It had been quiet for so long that she was startled. There were footsteps, something sounded familiar and the sudden sound of a key turning made her leap to her feet. She wasn’t expecting anyone, certainly not anyone on a Sunday afternoon. The autumnal evenings were waning fast. Looking around for something, she saw the poster if the ancient pyramids, slowly peeling off the wall and her cell phone lying on the table and thy key continued to unlock the door. Standing up, she grabbed the nearest item on the counter behind her, a flashlight. Thinking maybe it was an intruder, because there wasn’t anyone supposed to be stopping by, and certainly not with a key. There was a low thump and a crash, she turning back away from the door to see that her cat knock over an abacus and was crawling over the large magnifying glass holding her papers down. The orange tabby jumped down from the table, casting large eyes up and her softly mrrowing. “Oh you,” she said as she turned to watch the door slowly creak open. Her flashlight raised high, ready to lay a surprise on her visitor. Then there popped inside a bouquet of flowers waving slowly in the crack of the door and she dropped her flashlight, “you scared me,” she said, “I wasn’t expecting you.”

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