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Sunday, October 2, 2016

OctPoWriMo Days 1 and 2

Okay, so I loathe when I start late on a project, but I did have an excuse. I was acting in a 24 hour theatre production yesterday. In case you, Dear Readers, don't know what that is, it is where within 24 hours 5 to 6 short plays are written, directed, and performed in 24 hours. It's a rush and always entertaining.

This meant that my brain wasn't in the poetry frame of mind last night. I just binged on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and baked brownies for a friends birthday today. Today is a new day. Today I am writing two poems, and thus will be caught up, and STAY caught up!! Ha! (Whose gonna take bets? Anyone?)

I have been on a Nina Gordon kick and I used Tonight and the Rest of My Life as my writing muse. I am following some of the prompts that are outlined each day on OctPoWriMo. Go check out my fellow poets while you're at it! They are wonderful!!

Day 1 Prompt: Time -Time is such a constant in our lives, racing the clock, wishing it would go faster or slower. Rarely do we get off the train of time and focus solely in the moment. What does time mean to you?

Time Race

racing by infinitesimal moments,
in a constant race
never stopping to enjoy
these moments
that arise.

rushing about in a hurry,
meeting and deadlines,
but always just missing
the right time,
for a sunset,
or a kiss.

a master
controlling all of those moments;
a child asking to play
hide and seek
and wasting the days away.

Can be both,
or neither,
I suppose.
What will you choose?

Day 2 Prompt - The Void- as writers, and especially poetry writers, I believe we dive into the void on a regular basis to find the words, to gain perspective, to hibernate and more. How have you used the void? What does, "the void" mean to you?

Poetry form: Kyrielle

Reaching the Void

I could only see before me
A clear line of the shore of the sea,
like the edge of a universe about to sing
across the void to ring.

There's not much left I fear--
standing upon the wooden pier
watching time, as like a bird on a wing
across the void to ring.

Cold and open, naked I feel;
alone and lost, I know I must steel
myself, command fear that sting
across the void to ring.

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