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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 22: Danger, Dark Corners (Trolaan) and a Haiku

Prompt: Dangerous; Word Prompts: desperate, insecure, vulnerable, wild, unreliable; Poetic Form: Haiku and Trolaan

Dangers of ones mind when left alone to think. Sometimes that is the scariest or dangerous thing ever.


in the middle of--
somewhere hidden under water
are the eyes of fear.

from MorgueFile

Danger, Dark Corners

In the darkness, vulnerable are we
Isolated from others around.
If I get scared, it's because I see
insubstantial shadows, hear distant some sound.

My mind starts to wander--
Maybe it's all in my mind,
Maybe I am just looking for closure,
Making it all up as figments entwined;

That's the moment when desperate, you feel.
There in the darkness, vulnerable
Those are the times when all seems real
Tricksey, wild thoughts seeming to kindle.

And there is a surrendering done,
About the time you realize
Another moment won
as you uncover that it was unreliable.

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