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Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10: Pain's Journey (Free Verse)

Prompt: Unfold (Free Verse night)

I can't do forms this late at night and with too much in my head. So,  I am free versing it tonight. I used to be the queen of free verse. Okay that was back in school. But I always preferred free verse to poetic forms, as I got older I started to appreciate sonnets, kyrielles, dimantes, blitzes, etheree, and like. Now I like both ways, each side of the same coins. I have said it before, I love forms, but tonight I adore free verse. It's freeing!

Onto the prompt. Not  much I can say. there is a lot in my head lately. And because of that I turn to poetry to speak for me. It's late and I need to sleep. Today's prompt is like divine providence, coming at the right time. I just cannot write a full post about it tonight, Dear Readers. Armed with "Unfold", my mentor's words, some of my own, and some Lindsey Stirling I present...

Pain's Journey

It is a journey,
like any journey,
to master one's personal pain.
Some say that pain
is just weakness leaving the body.
How true those masters speak.
And, I say, 
pain is real,
and not permanent. 

Open your eyes,
see the future unfold before you--
through pain
you are born 
into a world;
within pain,
you live
in a world--
between scrapped knees 
and broken hearts;
beyond pain,
you'renot freed yet;
one still has to pass through
the gates 
where pain lives,
to unfurl wings and 
after you have fallen.

Word Prompts: opening, event, feelings, paper, discovery

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