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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016 Thoughts (Time to Move Forward)

It's time to get thoughts out of my head before I explode.

Election 2016, truthfully, not what I expected. I don't anyone expected this.

First off, this is the first election that I was scared about the outcome. i am not a fan of George W. Bush, but he was a cakewalk compared to what I think is going to be 4 interesting years. While there is always risk with elections, 2016  poked a bear named Trump, argued  ethics with Hillary, and tried to get Bernie Sanders into the white house. There were  a lot of things that were building up pressure, namely the working class and people wanting politicians to be transparent. We also wanted honesty. We wanted someone to hear our voices. We wanted change.

Change we got.

But, think about this, Dear Readers, maybe this is the kick in the ass we need to make the changes we all want and crave.

I fear Trump because he is a bully and a bigot who is more than willing sacrifice us, the American people to the highest bidder. He wants to exploit our fears. Let's not let him succeed. Let's help him to make this county a better place.

     *I am scared because I am a woman, and my reproductive rights are now going to be a trial. I also have many female friends that also  would be hurt by this.

     *I am bi-sexual/pansexual (meaning I love whom I love). I have lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, and transgender friends that are actually afraid for their lives and livelihood. The LGBTQ community is one that I am part of and its marriage rights just newly won and are now in jeopardy, because some people believe marriage is between a man and woman, only. Bollocks, I say! This country isn't strictly Christian or Catholic or Muslim. Why should one group dictate what everyone does.

      *I am pagan, a witch. I do not go to church. I believe Jesus was an incredible teacher, but he would never claim half of the things about gay rights, woman's rights, and minorities that they are experiencing. I believe in the world around me and the universe (god) can teach us so much from science to philosophy.

These are things that make up Cindy, and these things could potentially change, taken away: Birth Control and Abortion, Freedom of Religion and Marriage Equality/Gay Rights. They  could all go up in a poof of smoke if we don't stand and fight.

If we stop, we die.

What I am suggestng, Dear Readers is that we, as a county, as a people, come together and fight to be heard. Speak out. Treat everyone equally, especially if we don't agree with them. We work together to build a county we call ALL be proud of.

In the mean time, I suggest to you all (as was suggested to me), that you get involved in your communities. So of you already do this, especially if you are into community theatre, fantastic. But now is the time go beyond that. Start volunteering at places you have never offered help. Be a friend. Read to children. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Knit blankets for the homeless. Give your day old bagel sto someone who is hungry. Let's help each other build a new world. I want my nieces (Alicia, Alexis, Wendy, and Daphne; and my nephew Brent) to have a world worth inheriting. Teach respect and honour.

Also, a point I need to make, its okay to feel sad, angry, betrayed, hurt, lost, or even joyous, but DON'T ever make someone feel less than a person for their choices. Also, don't think that because people act one way doesn't mean they don't deserve respect. Everyone handles stress in different ways. Crying is more than okay. Voicing your opinion is also more than okay, it is necessary. Never make a person feel less than their worth, and if you do say something, remember you can always apologize and meet someone halfway. Sometimes its hard for people to communicate, maybe you need to take that first step. It isn't easy, but I am now convinced that it is possible. If my mentor can come between a thug and a scared woman while at a convention (when he was sick), then I think we, as a people, can can together to help. I plan to do better, and be better.  I support my friends and family, but I also know that sometimes I need to step back and gather myself, take care of me.

I have done a lot of gathering this past year and I am finally loving myself, writing for myself, and starting to make my own dreams come true. Building my own mythology. Building something better, outside of myself. Pay it forward. Make good art! Spread the love!

Remember, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall!"

Also remember, I see you. I believe in you. I love you!!

Thank you for your time. Just a little something I needed to get off my chest.


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