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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 31 - Journey To... (Pantoum)

Yesterday's prompt couldn't be more perfect for the end of OctPoWriMo. I didn't write yesterday. It was because of bit of a distraction or two of sorts. First, I had to finish watching Stranger Things, and I had to close out OctPoWriMo in the right way. It just took a day longer to find that way. What could be more appropriate to closing out a month of poetry than writing about things eternal and eternity.

I have talked about universe through this month, both the micro and the macro. Universes are things that surround, make up part of us and the things, people around us. I am the whole of the things around me. I am made up of universes, and am part of universes.

Today's poem is my closure on the month, but also a closure of the last year. See, this time last year, my now  ex-husband and I parted ways. A mutual choice as we both were going to different directions. It was a very hard Halloween weekend 2015. It was like being in a tunnel. Now a year later I am single, living in a new apartment, selling the house I shared with him since late 2009, and starting to find me again. I have been finding me along this path, every turn, every stop sigh, every moment I am finding out who I am. Halloween week/weekend 2016 finds  me stronger and facing my fears. It was a wonderful week. I have learned to move on. I am okay with being single, and am now (NOT) afraid to seek that which I want, even if it doesn't work out. I am coming out of the tunnel. 

from MorgueFile

Terminus is a place that is the end of the line, by the definition. But for me, Terminus is a end that leads to a beginning. I have my Terminus is my head and an actually place. It is a place of healing. I went there when I thought my aunt was dying. Thankfully she isn't. I understand why she was scared. We sometime  need to be scared, or  angry, are lost, because when we are found we realize that that fear made us stronger. 

from MorgueFile

Today's poem is dedicated to three people, these are people who brought about my joy this weekend, and beyond. First is my mentor and friend, James. Although he lives across the county, he has given me the strength to building y mythology, to tell my  stories, and to speak my truth (am a work in progress), Next is my best friend, Sara, unconditional is her love, as is her last name. She picks on me, but she encourages me. She listens and offers advise when asked. She pushed me to try harder, test the waters, and to not be afraid. Third is Cale, because sometimes it just is. Thank you for being an awesome friend! 

Thank you all! 

Truthfully I could go on. There are others to thank, but those three are the reason I am standing at the Light at the End of the Tunnel, staring at eternity, and finally seeing what I should have known long before now, but am seeing it with a fresh light.

Dear Readers, thank you for taking part in my flights of fancy and unorganized fall into chaos of the truth.

Prompt: Eternal; Word prompts: Light at the End of the Tunnel, Eternity

Journey To...

When at Terminus, do you know
to fall to your knees is supplemation,
singing loudly of the praises
that brought you here to rest?

To fall to your knees in supplemation
after through the tunnel which you have traveled
that brought you here to rest,
within the light at the end of of it all.

After through the tunnel which you have traveled--
a journey of lifetimes
within the light at the end of it all,
you see how much stronger you became.

A journey of lifetimes
brought you to the beach
you see how much stronger you became,
when faced with such demons.

Brought you to the beach,
at Terminus' head to eternity's shores
when  faced with such demons
when faced with such feats.

At Terminus' head to eternity's shores
you find your heart is more whole 
when faced with such feats,
that you're not as afraid as you once thought.

You find your heart is more whole
when at Terminus. Do you know
that you're not as afraid as you once thought--
singing loudly of the praises. 

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