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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wicked Weather Wednesday: A ROW80 update

After a rough start to February, brought about by the weather. Currently snowing and I am home. There is a Winter Weather Advisory for my area and there is about 4 to 6 inches at least on the ground, should make for more productive days, right? Well, today is productive. The winter blues have been getting to me (also most other people) and I have had to whip me into shape to make stuff happen. About the end January and into February the winter gets old, I mean REALLY old. It's cold and no one wants to go anywhere. People get moody and irritable.Some get depressed. There is often less sunshine. It's a lot hard to make art or wrote a beautiful poem. But, it is possible:

Today is different! I set about to do stuff, maybe not in order that I originally planned, but stuff is getting done.
Miranda, the Tempest by John William Waterhouse

I have my first scene from "The Tempest" memorized, well committed to memory. Now I have to get the rhythm and not fumble over lines like, "...But art thou not drowned, Stephano? I hope now thou art not drowned. Is the storm overblown..." 'Art Thou' and 'Art Not' are much like 'Aren't' in the modern vernacular, especially when reciting the lines over and over. Act 2, Scene 2 is under the belt....more to follow.

I had a poem request. The first EVER! I was excited and a bit bowled over. People don't normally  request poems randomly, unless I ask for topics from friends and readers. It felt good. Really good! It means that people are taking notice of my poetry. I'm happy at that! I still have a personal poetry project due by Saturday that I need to get to. More on that's a secret project! Shhhhhh!! :-)

Been thinking about stories to write. I have to write a short story this month. Not sure what I will write about, but I am trying to brain storm ideas, which is something I don't normally do. It's something different and I think that I need to organize my thoughts first before I start writing. it couldn't hurt, right? I also have a new slew of blog ideas that I am going to be working on. The muse is back, if slow to wake. She must be hanging with either Punxy Phil and Dunkirk Dave (local groundhog from Dunkirk, NY). The funny part, is that Spring is always going to be 6 weeks after Groundhog's Day.

Really proud of myself, I am making good on my promise to keep my house cleaner. The dishes and laundry are not piling up as much. I hope I can follow through even after I get further into Tempest. Journaling is still happening twice a week and I'm making time to read. It's been a better week. Can only get better, right Dear Readers?

Question to my Readers; how do you fight the Winter Blues? What is the hardest time during the winter for you? Leave me a comment and some LOVE. Have a fantastic week, Dear Readers? Be good to each other and make something beautiful and amazing for the world!

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  1. Lots of love here. I can sympathize with the weather as it's hitting minus 4 degrees tonight, snowy ice on the ground, and few venture out. Bitter cold. Frigid. Not words conducive to the muse. So what keeps me going during these weeks of simply nasty weather? Sometimes I stumble over a quote that keeps me motivated. ("Art thou not drowned . . ."). Lovely. Writing. Yes. Row80 reporting in and evaluating my progress. Yes. This week you have a lot going on (memorizing Shakespeare!), and yet, someone out there wanted a poem. Your poem. Celebrate. Cherish the moment. Persevere. That snow will melt.

  2. I usually cope by heading south for week to escape the cold. I haven't gone anywhere this year and I've been okay despite the bitter cold we've had, but I'm pretty much ready for spring. I need to grow things and wear tank tops and sandals again. I also have one of those lamps that you can use for a few minutes every day to help with the winter blues. I also know people who seem to benefit from taking an actual antidepressant in the winter months.

    Congrats on your poetry request! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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