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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Check-in: AROW80 February

It's cold and snowy. Big surprise, right?

I had some grand plans for today, but my head seems to disagree with me. Woke up with a mild sinus headache and I was determined to not let it get in my way. I set about doing household chores so they don't get behind including laundry, trash and cat litter cleaning and removal. Then I thought it the brilliant idea to arrange and put away the board games, and that my Dear Readers it turned into an hour project. By then, my head was pounding. Now, it's time for some Advil and brunch (since somewhere between waking up and the headache of a closet project I hadn't eaten yet), at the time of this blog. For a house of only two people, it gets messy rather quickly. Since David and I do theatre, often the house is neglected during shows. Not this year, though! Trying to keep up with it. But, sinus headaches don't help with that. So, my morning has been cleaning and clearing. Also, I am trying to find a plastic box with some of my jewelry (found it while taking a quick writing break).

More snow falling and I am thoroughly sick of snow and cold and everything in between.'s Sunday! What have I been up to (set up for a bad joke *here*)? Five-Eleven (in height). I got notification that my story "Crying Mascara" was not selected as a winner for the contest I submitted to. Feeling a bit bummed. Got to keep trying! I started a new short story yesterday. Not sure yet where it's going, but I think it'll might be a Doctor Who story. Haven't tried my hand at Fan Fiction yet. I have a great image of a willow tree in a rainstorm and I needed to have Doctor #9 leaning against the tree. Being an avid Whovian, I thought that there needed to be another Eccleston Doctor story out there. Also last year a friend and I started writing a Fan Film script, it got put on hold, but we would like to get a finished script and maybe get around to filming it. That is another project for a later time.

My super secret part of the super secret project was completed yesterday. It's not a huge deal, but it's a huge deal. And it occurred yesterday...more on that later. Sorry to be secretive, but SHHHHH....

Working on my next theatre projects this week. Tempest lines are coming along. I am starting to find Trinculo, but that little bastard is being difficult. I really love Shakespeare's language, but holy cow does it become a mouthful. Next, I am doing props for The Lake Country Players Junior Players production of "Zombeo and Juliet", should be fun. I am organizing LCP's 2nd annual 24 Hour Theatre event in Montour Falls. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's where theatre is written, directed, and performed in 24 hours. I discovered this back in 2011. I acted in a show that I had to memorize in about 8 hours. I played 3 different characters in the one show, each with different voices and mannerisms (except I couldn't do a Minnesotan accent to save my life.). Hehehe! The following year I wrote my first 1 act and acted in another. Hint: don't try to write a script and get only about 2 hours sleep and espect to have much of your lines memorized! I will write and direct, write, or act, but nothing more. I know my abilities and my limitations. I have been organizing this event and possibly directing one of the shows. It's fun and after last year there is definitely more interest in fellow playwrights and thespians.

I actually started saving money, either 5 or 10 dollars each week goes into my piggy bank, Wilbur. Been meaning to start, but you know how some things go, you forget and what not. Not this year!

Not much else going on, just trying to keep the pace going. Finding inspiration here or there. Spending my time on my various projects. This coming week, the paying job will take up a full 40 hours (am on reduced hours throughout the winter) as my boss is on vacation. It won't deter my determination. I'm more worried the snow and the cold is doing that job fine enough.

Dear Readers, I hope you have a great week. I am going to have a fantastic week, by Hell or High Water! Full of stuff and things. :-) I am going to have a non-ROW80 up later this week. Been brain storming for something fun, maybe something to fight the winter blues. Remember, I believe in each and everyone of you!

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  1. We're snowed in here in the pacific NW too. I find it has been very distracting to my writing.

    Sorry about the contest but congrats on your super secret project! :)


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