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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday Check-in #AROW80 (a day late)

I was so gearing up for a good week. Started a second story with a writing prompt. I was back to journaling on Tuesdays and Thursday. When, wouldn't you know it I get sick. Seriously! Oh, well, I am feeling better and having a VERY slow week at work am home resting.

I completely missed AROW80 check-in yesterday. I was sleeping on the couch to MST3K's "Devil Fish" and then caught part of some guys travels to swim with Manta Rays. A surprised that my dreams didn't float away with me. I am on an antibiotic and have prescription Motrin for my recently pulled tooth (probably didn't help either). i am convinced that i should write something involving Manta Rays now!

Onto my goals. I haven't finished either story that I have started, but I am not deterred by this. The story I started a few days ago feels the most completable at this time. I found two writing prompts from Toasted Cheese and RocNaNo and started writing. It's currently the strangest story I have written, to date, something about gangs in a dying city with a god (or really powerful man) taking over the city and the surrounding suburbs. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

Tempest rehearsals and line memorizing have taken up more of my time. Feeling more convinced that I can portray Trinculo. My scenes are entertaining and going to be fun to perform, with mockery and violence.There are lots of moments that timing needs to be perfected, but the pay off will be hearing the audience enjoy it. Just as I did in Midsummer, I will be throwing myself into this role. I am going to record a bit of myself as Trinculo this weekend and will post (much to amusement and possibly horror, Dear Readers).

I am keeping the housework more or less up to date, which is always hard when doing a show and not being home. But, with my shorter weeks, it allows me to keep up with laundry and dishes. I have been able to see my sink consistently for the last two months. ~w00t~

The Lake Country Players junior players show will be auditioning this weekend, which means I am going to need to work on props and sets stuff. Thankfully it's a simple set design. But the best part it is a rendition of "Romeo and Juliet" but with Zombies and Zombie Hunters, "Zombeo and Juliet". It's gonna be cute and it keeping with my Shakespeare theme this year. If you are local to the Twin Tiers, you should could and audition (see Facebook event here).

Have an excellent week, Dear Readers! I'll be seeing you soon. Time to write some and make something beautiful for this world. Be good to each other.

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