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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday: #AROW80 Mediatative Update

It's Sunday, right?

I thought so....Garbage Day! Been a lazy day today. Whence I arose, I was loathe to actually to anything. But, I have to get the garbage out to the curb and clean the cat boxes. Fun! Now I am actually ready to do something. Heh *looks at clock* 3:46pm! *giggle* Oh, well!

So what have I been up to this week? Running lines for Trinculo. Two if the three scenes are memorized! After February rehearsals go to two to three days a weeks. I will be busier with that.

Been writing a short story based on the8th Doctor, Paul McGann. It's progressing. I need to get working on this so I can get a rough draft done by February 28th. Oh, I blogged yesterday. First non-AROW80 blog in a few weeks. It felt really good. It was a shorter blog; I really miss just getting an idea/topic and researching/writing about it. I also have a bio that I was asked to write up from a friend who is putting together a Memorial site for my friend Jane who passed last week. So there is stuff going on.

My brain is returning to normal after last week and Winter releasing it's icy clutches on us. Although I have been told that the cold is going to be returning to the northeast. Yay? Very ready for Spring! So, ready!!!! Been writing haiku a lot lately. Thinking I need to put together a little poetry book of my February haiku. I think they have been very therapeutic.

Piano lyrics/
Running across ivory plains/
A melodic pulse

Oh, I am still kicking around recording a bit of me reciting my Trinculo lines. Dear Readers, would you be interested in that? Leave me a comment below if you would like to see that.

Something else. This month has been the most 'death' filled month thus far with family members and furry babies (pets) crossing over. I think much of the world is ready for the new re-birth of spring. I know I am.

Any big plans this week, Dear Readers? Getting back into the swing on things with improv, gearing up for theatre stuff and MOAR writing. Have a great week. Be good to each other. Make something beautiful. I care about you all, that's why I say these things. And I believe in you!

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  1. Congrats on the short story, blog post & poems! You mentioned that you need to get a first draft of the story done by Feb. 28th. Why is that?

    1. One of my goals this month is to finish a short story by month's end. I would like to finish one of the two stories I have started this month. No other reason, just to get a completed story by then.

  2. For me there is a writing comp I want to enter by the 28th of Feb, which seemed so far away... unfortunately, it has snuck up really quickly! I hope you are further ahead in finishing your draft than I am!
    Good luck on meeting that deadline.


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