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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moving Furniture and Housekeeping of Goals

Spending the morning sleeping in. A luxury that I don't always get to partake in. This past week has been cold, then warmer (35 degrees yesterday), and then colder. We are due for the "storm-of-the-century". I'll believe it. Corning is it's own anti-snow bubble. When we get it, we do get it, though not as much as Buffalo, Rochester, of Syracuse. But with the ground cover in white and the night bitterly cold it has slow me down some. This morning (what was left of it) I finished read a book and then got down to hashing a couple more goals out that I missed due to cranky-winter-moodiness.

This Week (including today):
     *Reading: finished The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. Don't know why it took me so long to finish, but this book was and is effin' awesome. Fantastic incite to the mind of Amanda Palmer, touching, honest,. and more than inspiring. I bought Neil's new book of short stories, Trigger Warning. I am two stories in, and it's that good, will probably finish it by week's end. Either book is worth the read. Go and get 'em!
     *Social Media/Visiting: okay, I missed Friday. I was in a mood and couldn't focus. And Saturday was my Unplugged Day so I didn't get to visit people, comment and, converse. I hung out and conversed with friends after moving furniture and such. Today, I spent my early afternoon visiting to make up for Friday and today'd visits as well. Still topping at least 4 a day. Saturday being the exception. Also, visiting at least 2 new blog a day that I don't normal follow/read. Feeling good.
     *Submitting: I kept trying to find time this week and it always eluded me. I spent the afternoon looking for a couple of place to submit my Flash Fiction story, The Bridge to. The goal this week was 1 new submission. Today scored 2. Hoping to submit it to 1 more before days end.
     *Theatre Stuffs: finished bio and director's letter. Emailed them out. Moved the couch and tables for the set, found an armchair (and thus bartered for use of armchair with an ad in the program), and got posters. Good murder week over all!

What I have dubbed the Murder Couch
This Week (upcoming):
      *Novel: actually work on the small fixes. This got shoved aside. Not anymore! Will have at least 25 pages revised with small fixes by Wednesday.
     *Writing: will dedicate more time to this this week. The Mousetrap ate up more time in the latter part of the week.
     *Submitting: at least 1 new one this week.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post this week.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that allows you to make goals and help to be held accountable to those goals. It's a Blog Hop. Stop on by and set a spell.

A little housekeeping today, Dear Readers, with music and candles and laundry spinning. There is yucky weather approaching. it's cold enough to still be snowy, but not cold enough to prevent slight melting.

Cold, yes it's still cold here!
Music for a cold day today:


  1. We made a family effort, and got a few hundred or more pounds of snow off the trampoline. Ten minutes later, it was covered again - but maybe we can keep it clearer, from this point on.

    Another large branch cracked on one of the huge pines at the edge of our property. That's the second one - we lost one in the early-season ice storm, too. Rough year for that poor tree. Thankfully, it's healthy otherwise, so it should be OK.

    All of our snow here in the Hudson Valley seems to be coming in these big dumps, and often on Sunday. So, the second three-day-weekend in a row for my Accomplice, and the Oregon boy didn't have to drive in all the white stuff. When we moved here 13 years ago, he was sure he'd like snow better than rain. He's had occasion to change his mind.

    Sounds like things are chugging joyfully along out in Corning. May they continue to do so - and stay toasty in the stormy weather! =D

    1. Yep that's how Corning's been, usually sunday nights into Monday and threatens my rehearsal. This week got a little screwed up. Oh, well! ~grumble grumble...hate snow...grumble grumble...effin' cold~ :-)

      Thanks, Shan!

  2. I like the image of cleaning the house for the cold spell..might as well settle in..


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