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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reflection on January and the Super Bowl

I am pretty proud of myself this month. I pushed myself and made quite a bit of progress in 30 days. Granted I have quite a ways to go and not all goals were that productive, but I did manage to make a sizable dent. Here's a summation of January:

from MorgueFile
      *Read 7 books in January.
      *Blog at least once a week, mostly. I might have missed one week early on.
      *Edited 2 pieces, 1 being a full re-write. Both are pieces that I can call 1st draft pieces. Will still work and do a second major revision, but they are readable and share-able
      *Discovered a critique partner and we have plans to start working together after my show is done in March.
      *Actually read my NaNoWriMo novel and begun revisions (Okay, just started the revision now, but still...).

There are still some goals that I really need to push myself on, but there's still plenty of Round left to work on them. Feeling good. Today is a day off from the day job. Mousetrap rehearsal tonight. Been trying to work on various Mousetrap related tasks this afternoon  and chores that were piling up (dishes and laundry). Funny, Dear Readers, how that kind of stuff gets away from you even when you are trying to keep up with it.

Okay, I have to comment because this year was my first Super Bowl that I sat through. I am NOT a sports person. I mean, I like watching the Olympics and certain sports (Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Horse Jumping), but not American Football. I usually avoid the TV, ignore the tweets, and hope it passes fast. Often I will catch the ads the next day via the internet, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

from MorgueFile
This year was different. I got invited to come over to hang with friends to watch the whole Kit and Kaboodle. And man, was I surprised. Okay, Dear Readers, American Football is not my favourite sport, but with commentary I enjoy watching the Patriots and Seahawks. I was rooting for the Seahawks, solidarity for my Washington Peeps. It was a good game, even with the bonehead move at the end, a good game. I don't support players starting fights, but it was a good game. I even walked away understanding American Football more, well almost understand it.

The halftime show was okay. Katie Perry is NOT my favourite artist currently. I do not like her newest album, but  do like some of her stuff. It was an entertaining show and the GIANT ASS puppet tiger (lion) was the best part.

Then there are the commercial,s, they were very full of feels and/or montages for the most part. A highly emotional group of adverts.. That not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn't like the Nationwide Ad, even with the reasons they cited after the fact. Read the article is here. Much too depressing, even if they were trying to facilitate the discussion about childhood accidents and being protected. There were a number of ads that I did enjoy and my top 3 are as follows:




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