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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Watched Paddington and Progress (sort of)

Not much to report today, somewhere between the snow, the cold, and my own busy schedule I got less done than I planned. I necessary bad, but I have been in a mood that I have been fighting all week, and with people getting sick around me I am worried that I might actually get sick this winter. Sigh! Anyway, I am not moping about the lack of progress.


All Dogs Must Be Carried.
I still have had an amazing week of rehearsals and have gotten more organized with The Mousetrap, so it's not a waste. Besides I got to go on a date with the Hubs yesterday. He had free passes to a local cinema, so we  (well, mostly me) decided to go see Paddington. And it was worth it. A modern take on the stop motion animation cartoons of the 70s/80s. The cast was well cast, of the name I knew. There were a number of unfamiliar names in the cast and some that I knew a bit of, like Peter Capaldi ~cough cough~, Michael Gambon, and obviously, Nicole Kidman. A fun, entertaining movie. The jokes were funny, a bit more English humour, but if you are willing to learn or know English humour, then it's fine. Music was pretty good, and I have a new favourite style of music to get into and a new band to enjoy, D Lime. So, yeas, Paddington is a good movie!

Also, I finally watched the movie version of Coraline, because I got the DVD for it, and a DVD of The Maxx, and a signed mix CD from Michael Nesmith from the Hubs.

Today, I am going to buy goodies on the next best holiday "Cheap Chocolate Day".

This Week:
    *Reading: finished Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. Up next is Stardust, also by Neil and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Sometime I buy books at Salvation Army stores and then I really do read them. Go figure! Gonna try it and see.
     *Social Media/Visiting: Nothing Saturday, as it was Saturday (the unplugged day) and Valentine's Day. The rest of the week: Wednesday to Friday I visited at least 4 fellow bloggers new and regularly visited blogs.
     *Submitting: 1 today. Done at Mauldin House here ----> MAUDLIN HOUSE.
     *Theatre Stuffs: submitted a press release to The Courier Advocate, print up copy for The Leader, bought scarf for Giles, began promoting the hell out of this show.

For This Week:
     *Writing: write something daily. minimum of 100 words to a maximum of (insert number here). TODAY TOTAL: 362 words.
     *Novel: edit at least 10 more pages before Wednesday check-in.
     *Reading: Stardust, The Fault in Our Stars, Windhaven (George R. R Martin and Lisa Tuttle). Make progress on each of them.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post.

A Round of Words in 80 Days a blog challenge where you write up goals you want to complete in 80 days and it knows you have a life. It is a Blog Hop. Come on by and set a spell...

So, Dear Readers, what did you do for Valentine's Day? How was your weekend? Have a amazing week to come, as every day is NEW!!!

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  1. We stayed home with pizza and a massage for our dog yesterday. She feels better today so we went to a new Mexican restaurant ..which was lovely!!


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