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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So late...thus begins my Tech Week...and Writing...and Goals...

So pressed for time and it's almost midnight. I am still trying to finish this check-in. I know, not necessarily the priority, but it's the principle. I have made these goals and I will stick by them. Mousetrap rehearsal are beginning to take over. They are running long and the set is mostly erected (still need to be finished and then paint). But it's looking so good, my cast is looking so good, and my life is falling into place. Yes, I am gushing about my show. Well, by Monday, it becomes my cast's show. I leave it in their hands. I trust them. I have guided them to this point, time to take the training wheels off and get the technical stuff ironed out.

Okay, I am gushing now! But, there is something about waking across your set, when it is all still pieces and odd colours and knowing it's going to be amazing. I get goosebumps. Even if I have to write my ROW80 check-ions after midnight or read my fellow bloggers in the few minutes before leaving for work. I shall forego sleep this week and next, but it will be worth it.

Okay, this check-in is going to be short. I don't have full word counts or all the details at the moments so what I can report on, I will report on now.

This Week:
     *Reading: read more of Five Little Pigs (Agatha Christie). PAGES READ: about 50 pages.
     *Writing: wrote a story, using the 30 Song Title Challenge. Not sure it's the actual title. But, borrowed from Fallon Brown (click the link to read more). Wrote a poem after coining the title Don't Anger the Goddess. inspired by Jessica Scott and Rod E. Kok. WORD TOTAL: 1271 and 149 words.
      *Social Media: mostly on track. I did miss Wednesday's daily goal. Plan to visit 8 blogs tomorrow to make up for it.
     *Theatre Stuffs: submitted press release to The Leader, posters, promotions, and getting last minutes props/costumes.

The Rest of the Week:
     *Blogging: 1 new post.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission.
     *Editing/Novels: 10 more pages edited.
     *Reading: finish Five Little Pigs.
     *Writing: write new story in 30 Song Title Challenge and/or new poem. 
     *Theatre Stuff: prepare of Hell Week (Tech Week).

It's Wednesday too, and I am scrambling to find a WIPpet to share. So, let's look at the math first 2/25 is today's date, let's do 25; 2 + 5 = 7 paragraphs. A bit of back stork. This is the other co-protagonist, Marcie. She just woke from a nightmare. Must of it is unclear to her Mother, but like most dreams, there is truth there. Some of this is echoes from Selynee's snippets from previous weeks, if you've been following along.

Elsewhere there was sounds of screaming. It woke up this house and the tuxedo cat darted through the house.
Marcie was screaming and her mother rushed into her room. It happened to be one of those rare nights that her mother wasn’t working. Marcie’s was screaming, not aware of her Mother’s arms holding her. She was crying, and then suddenly hiccupped, thus stopping the screaming. Marcie’s mother sat on her bed, , “Oh, Sweetie, what happened? Honey? Hey, you okay?” She kissed the top of Marcie’s bed head hair.
No words came from Marcie, just some tears and hiccups. “Breath, Honey. Please.” She rocked Marcie against her body, softly shushing her whimpers and calming her hiccups.
Marcie tried to speak, but her vocal chords wouldn’t work. All she could do were soft grunts and sometimes a sigh, as she breathed against her Mother’s chest. “Let it out, Honey,” she said and she at the clock sitting on the night stand. Two o’clock in the morning. “It must have been a nightmare.” Marcie’s mother said, the only conversation occurring in the room. She was used to her daughter being tight lipped about many things and wasn’t expecting Marcie to answer her.
“I dreamt of Daddy, Mom.” She looked at her Mother.
The words spilled out of Marcie’s mouth before she could stop. Her mother could barely keeping up with the stream of thought. “I dreamt of Daddy, when he was in the hospital, right before he died. After that, Selynee was there, and that old nurse McLean; and then Selynee and I were at the semi-formal, dancing. Garrett Mulvaney he was there too, for some reason and she stole him. I was mad.” The sentences flowed out of Marcie is a mad rush. “Daddy wanted to die,” Marcie fought back some tears. Marcie was onto the next thought, “She asked him to dance. And I saw, Daddy. He wanted to die, Mom. And she promised to let me dance with Garrett.” The words spilled out of Marcie like a confession that her Mother was unaware of. Marcie was crying again.
“Oh, Honey. I’m sorry.” She could do nothing but let Marcie cry, would figure the rest out later.

ROW80, A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Visit the Blog Hop to see what we are up to.

WIPpet Wednesday, created by author, K.L. Schwengel. A Linky List where writers can share their WIPs. Also, stop by, read a bit, and make some new friends! :-)

That's it for now. It is quick and I need to sleep. I have prom dresses to pick up and I think I will go into the day job and take Friday off. Always something. I am pleased with my goals, I am doing pretty well. How are you doing, Dear Reader? Tell me about your favourite goal this round? Mine is the writing daily goal (which I am doing more consistently) and my 2015 Goodreads Challenge to read 30 books this year. I'm at 14. Leave me some love! Thanks!!

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  1. So sad. What an emotional scene. Glad her mom was there with her.

    1. You know, when I write emotional scene I get really into them, make them real. This book has a few of these scenes. I seem to write drama well.

  2. 14 books by now means you will easily read 30..unless you choose super long ones. Good luck with all of it. I am most pleased to be trying new things in writing.

    1. Yeah, I started with a big push. This week being tech week, I suspected it to slow down. Just proud of myself for get a good start on the books this year. :-)

  3. The snippet is very intriguing, but there are a lot of mixed tenses that made it a little hard to follow. :-( I love that Marcie's mom is so understanding about the nightmare even though it hints at something pretty dark. Poor Marcie growing up without her daddy. :-(

  4. Hmm... I tired to comment, but it looks like the blog ate it.

    I find the premise very intriguing. Marcie seems to be hinting at something pretty dark in her nightmares. I love that her mother is so understanding about it, in spite of the hints.

    It was a little hard to follow because of mixed tenses, but I think it'll be a great scene when you're done editing. :-)

    1. Yeah, I start in one and move to another. After revising will be much better.

      Thanks for stopping by and BTW, your first comment do go through. :-)

  5. The very beginning reminded me of when my children had night terrors. Both went through it for about a year at preschool age. They cried so hard and there was nothing I could do but hold them. Great writing to remind me of those days (as I try not to remember them).

    1. I hope I didn't bring back bad memories. I guess that means the writing was effective.

  6. Oh, poor Marcie. That's a really powerful scene...

    Congratulations on all your progress with The Mousetrap! It's been exciting reading what you've written about it, so it must be absolutely incredible for you now. Sounds like you have every reason to gush about it too. :D

    1. Thanks! I do try to evoke the right emotions to make it real. Sometimes I really get into it. I seem to do well with writing drama. :-)

      Mousetrap has been good, been having a lot of fun. Good group of actors. I really am half theatre folk and writer. I try to balance the two. Will be excited to get back to writing though. I do miss it.

  7. So glad Marcie's mom is there to help her. A nightmare that bad must be shattering and having someone to help chase it away is important.


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