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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lion taming my Edits and Coraline is awesome!

This weekend turned out busier than I thought and thus this is what happened...

This Week:
     *Editing: finished a complete revision of Christmas Trees. Posted a bit of it for WIPpet Wednesday. I feel good and glad at taking the chance and sharing my work with my fellow writers/bloggers.
     *Reading: started The Clockwise Man (Doctor Who adventure by Justin Richards. I had read this some time ago, early 2014 I believe. But since I had read the rest of my Doctor Who books in January, I thought I should reread. It's the first of the Eccleston books. Also, yesterday I read Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It was awfully good and terrible fantastically awesome. Being only 160 pages it was a perfect read for a Saturday afternoon. There are times when Neil's stories feel like a Twilight Zone episode. I love Rod Serling, who was an awesome writer, and Neil Gaiman who is effin' awesome. So it's perfect! Could you imagine possibilities? Okay, that might just be me. :-)
     *Social Media/Visiting: since Wednesday, I hit Weds, Thurs, and Friday, four blogs each day (some are ones I frequent and at least one that is new to me. I did miss Saturday, but will probably hit at least eight today.
     *Theatre Stuffs: for The Mousetrap, working on my stuff for the program director letter outlined, bio (need to update last bio), and cast/crew list typed (expect for the one that are not filled in the crew). Will work on this more today.

Forthcoming in the New Week:
     *Blogging: 1 new blog entry (non-AROW80).
     *Novel: complete the read through of The Real Road Trip.
     *Writing: going to change this up from last week. Going to write something new and move my daily goal to 200 - 250 words a day from the current 500 words (when I can write). I realized that I don't always have enough time to write in a day. The goal is still everyday, but 500 words is a bit much at this time and 100 words is not enough. So it's 200 - 250 words daily. Stating today!
      *Editing: print some short pieces and plan a day to meet with my critique partner.
      *Submitting: 2 this week (missed this one from Wednesday to today).

I missed a couple of goal from Wednesday. Felt bad, as I am wont to be some days. I had some time between things Friday and Saturday. Still feel good overall and pretty productive.

Excited that I am really making a stab at editing/revising more of my work. Starting to learn how to handle that beast. It's like the lion tamers from the cartoon circuses with the whip and chair.

January has been awfully productive and exciting and am ready for February. Mousetrap is coming along beautifully. Who knew Murder could be fun, Dear Readers? What about you? How are your Round of Words goals coming? What have you been up to lately?

I played 50's trivia at the annual meeting for the Keuka Lake Players and it felt like a battle of the bells to ring in between Ryan Love and myself. All in good fun and I surprised myself by how much I knew. I still suck at any sports trivia and my history from the 50's could use a tune up. Good times with one of my theatre families.

A Round of Words in 80 Days a blog challenges you to set goals and report on your progress. It is a Blog Hop, come for the WIPpets, stay for the challenge.

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