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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday and Thoroughly Enjoying Murder

So, the day got away from me and I wasn't able to focus on writing this check-in earlier today. I have murder on the mind. ~Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh~ Mousetrap is coming along swimmingly. It is taking more of my time, not a problem, but some stuff has fallen to the back burner. Yet, I am seeing so much good coming from the cast and I still have over a month of rehearsals. w00t, Huzzah, cheers!!

Murder! Yes, murder and mystery!

Okay, because my brain is a little wired and I need to go to sleep soon, the check-in.

This Week:
    *Blogging: completed on Tuesday. A review of fellow author Julie Anne Lindsey.
    *Reading: finished The Story of Martha (Dan Abnett) another Doctor Who adventure and now working on Windhaven (George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle). Windhaven is a longer read, but coming along.
    *Writing: started to work on a story working title Trapped by Dinosaurs. I had posted a bit of it some time ago. Thought it was a random story/scene, but after reviewing it, it could be a longer story. Didn't have the time to devote to it in the last two days.
    *Social Media and Visiting: visited Sunday and Monday, missed Tuesday.
    *Submitting: got two more submitted at the beginning of the week.

For This Week:
    *Edit: print and go over Christmas Trees. Beginning the revision process.
    *Novel: finish reading The Real Road Trip, begin simple fixes.
    *Blogging: 1 day  this week.
    *Submitting: at least two this week.

Been busy with Mousetrap deadlines and getting posters, promotions, props, costumes, etc. Thankfully, I have a good team to keep me in line and I am delegating. I do need to write a director's letter, a bio, and inserts for the program. Then to get promotions out to newspapers and TV stations, press releases and interviews, oh my!

And murder!!

Oooh, I have a poster now! See!!

Oh, and I have another segment from WIPpet Wednesday (28, 2 + 8 = 10 paragraphs):

Bob rubbed his hands together to try and keep them warm. It was snowing again. The small floodlight filled the lot and made the snowflakes glow. He thought about asking for a second light. He thought that maybe Mr. Hanson would give him it. It was Christmas after all, right? 

“You should really just go over to Evergreens R Us, the selections are so much better. Hell, there are artificial trees that are practically life like,” said Mason to the chap in the ski mask.

“I don’t know,” he said. 

Bob watch the interplay between the man and Mason. He felt angry, so he turned away. There was a young woman trying to fight with a scrawny little pine. “Here. Let me help, Miss.” He rushed to her. The tree was caught on the wired it had been leaning on. Bob grabbed the tree and lightly pulled. Some needles tumbled to the ground, but the tree still looked green and full. “Sorry about that. I have fresh pines over by the flood lamp that are losing less needles.”

“No, it just needs some water and it’s the perfect height.” She held the tree by the neck, eyeing it with a smile. “My apartment is small, this is the perfect height. How much?” She looked at Bob and smiled.

“Twenty dollars…” he sounded unsure, afraid she would dump the tree and head to Evergreens R Us.

“That’s all." Eyes the tree and then Bob, "That’s cheap. You having trouble?”

Bob looked down, feeling ashamed, especially at the rather attractive woman holding a pine tree in her right hand. Her blonde hair framed her face by her woolen hat. “Yeah, well I am trying…”

“Here!” the woman placed a fifty dollar bill in Bob hand. “Don’t let them get to you, Bob. You do good work here. Keep fighting,” she smiled.

“I can’t accept this,” said Bob, shaking his head.

“Take it. I got a nice tree and did some good.” She smiled and hefed the tree onto her shoulders and walked down aisle. 

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  1. good job on your goals and interesting snippet


    I mean, that was nice. I suspect there's more to this woman than meets the eyes. :)

    Nice poster, too!

    1. It's fun and I know noticed that when I pick a snippet I seem to get more of the picture. Which I think will help as i begin to revise it this weekend. Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  3. LOVE the poster. It's fantastic! Must go dig out my copy and read it again...

    Great snippet. Is this mystery woman destined to show up in Bob's life again? Her comment to him was interesting, about doing good work. That grabbed my attention and made me curious.

  4. Interesting. Makes me wonder if there's more to this woman than meets the eye. And, how did she know Bob's name? Even if it's Bob's Tree, that doesn't mean this is Bob himself. Curiouser and curiouser.

  5. You're making such great progress! Way to go! I hope you're enjoying your murderous mind. Loving the name Mousetrap, by the way.

  6. What a nice gesture. Welcome to wippets.

  7. Good luck with "Mousetrap." Sounds like a fun murder mystery!

    Your WIPpet definitely piqued my interest. Why is Bob's business hurting, and how does this woman come into it? I expect we'll be seeing more of her. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  8. Maniacal Laugh, Maniacal Laugh *giggles*

    Murder is good. :-)

    I like this snippet. And I like the blonde. She seems nice. I'm glad someone made Bob's day a little better. :-)

  9. Great job on goals and great snippet!!

  10. Congratulations on your goals. :)

    I like the sound of this woman, she's rather lovely--and very kind. Wish there were more people like her (I bet Bob wishes so too).


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