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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Progress: It goes well!

Kind of staggering, we have snow, finally, and LOTS AND LOTS of cold.

Mousetrap rehearsals have begun and I have started the goals with a gusto.The last two days have been full, with rehearsals and trying to implement my goals. I have learned (I reiterate again, mostly for myself) to make myself do them and to do them with joy, for the fun/thrill of it. Hopefully after a few weeks I won't really need to think so hard about them, as they will become habit.

It's been two days since the last (first) check-in, so this might be a touch short. Here we go....

This Week:
     *Reading: I am currently reading two books, side by side. The Deviant Strain by Justin Richards. It's aStealer of Dreams and I read that in ONE day. That was pretty exciting and I realized that I can read a while book in a day and not feel like I wasted the day. Fun adventure with the Doctor (9th Doctor to be specific). I am also reading Murder by the Seaside by Julie Anne Lindsey. Something fun and it goes with the theme of the Mousetrap. Easy read and interesting characters.
Doctor Who adventure and I am finding them easy reads. The last one was the
      *Writing: Monday I wrote a poem that was over 100 words in length and yesterday I wrote a piece of flash fiction with 1225 words for a challenge at the Google Group: #writestuff  by PenPaperPad - on Twitter and check out her blog at PenPaperPad, good stuff there. she also does a Twitter chat on tuesday night 9 pm EST. The working title of the story is The Bridge (Something else to edit. Not sure if I should groan about it). So I feel great! And realizing the flash fiction is a good style to write in, as I have to be concise with my words and phrases. Practice makes perfect.
      *Novel (The Real Road Trip): I have printed the manuscript. First step completed! Current length at 115 pages.
      *Theatre (Mousetrap): half of the show is blocked. Cast is excited, as am I. Good well.
      *Social Media/visiting: holding steady. I visited a bunch of blogs and sites on Monday, over 4 blogs/sites. Yesterday, maybe only about 1 or 2. Twitter pretty active. Building my Facebook page: Here, there be a Writer. Having a logo design contest, if interested message/email me.

This upcoming week (later in the week):
        *Blogging: going to watch The Little Prince (movie version) with Gene Wilder. Blog post about the review of book versus movie to follow. This is from my October Book to Movie Review Month. Just a touch behind. This is the second of four, next up for book to movie will be The Golden Compass.
        *Editing: nothing to report, as per my goal updates for editing are on Wednesday. More to follow on the progress. Up first, The Audition.
        *Novel: begin to read The Real Road Trip. Just read it!
        *And all other reading, writing, theatre, social media, and other goals.... (see above and last post here).

ROund of Words in 80 Days is a blog/writing challenge that knows you have a life. Check out the Blog Hop and see what we are up to.

Something fun for today:

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  1. Quite a few people I know are reading Doctor Who books at the moment, and it really makes me want to get back into them. I read a bunch a few years ago, but nothing recent.

    Very nice work on the goals so far! You've inspired me to join the #writestuff group, even though I'm not much of a Google+ user. We'll see how I go.

    ~ Emily


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