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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Murder by the Seaside

I am borrowing an idea from Kait Nolan's (Clicky the Linky) blog. She periodically review books that she has read and would like to promote. Today's post follows that vein. Where she write mini reviews on three books that she has recently read or listened to the audio book. I am going to focus on one review of a fellow author and sometimes just fantastic stuff I have encountered. I've started this year with a goal of reading 30 books within 2015. I just barely made 25 books in 2014 and that was spending a large part of the year not reading. So I am hitting the ground running, er reading.

I am a Bibliophile. no, strike that. I am a HUGE Bibliophile! I love books, old, news, long, archaic , or the trendiest thing ever. If I go into a used bookstore, hell, even a new bookstore I run the risk of spending money. There is always a pile of books in my bedroom and of course the stacks of my little library. Yeah, might have a problem. Anyway, I want to see how many book I can get through and still remember the plot by December. This means reading to enjoy and immerse myself in the stories. Thus far 2015 has been full of Doctor 9 novel adventures and some new authors, the ranks of Neil Gaiman and Julie Anne Lindsey.

Today I present for the connoisseur of books, mystery, stories, and just all out fun, Murder by the Seaside, by Julie Anne Lindsey (check out her site).

If you like a good mystery, with interesting characters, and a touch of girl power blended in then I think you might enjoy and like Murder by the Seaside. The story is engaging, many nights, weekend mornings, and lunch breaks I found it hard to put down. Lindsey makes a real place and her characters range from lovable, fun, to strictly annoying. This is a good thing. I like that. I like knowing that I am NOT going to love every character in a book. Sometimes people are truly unlikable. So I like seeing a wide variety of real and entertaining characters, especially the shero/hero, the suspect(s), the incidentals, and/or murderer.

No Spoilers Here!!!

What initially drew my to Murder by the Seaside was the author, fellow writer and tweeter, Julie(on twitter @JulieALindsey). I started by piqued by this series of mystery novels that she was writing. Called Cozy mystery is was curious and love mysteries too. Also, the books are set on Chincoteague Island, the same island that has the wild ponies (of Misty and Stormy fame). I remember reading Misty of Chincoteague in middle school and also re-read it last year. It a real place. That's cool! I kind of want to go there now.

Characters are all interesting and feel like real people, especially when they mess up or just act like real people do. I have an affinity for flawed characters in stories. The main character, detective Patience Price is pretty flawed, but ultimately lovable, the daughter of hippies and a very logic, out of work human service person turned counselor. When reading anything, I like to see real people, characters that are flawed, fake, real, perfect, or perfectly flawed. Just as long as they are real.

Lindsey writes with a passion for a good and interesting story. You can tell that she cared about the details and the feel of her world that she has created. She also is quite good about not making anything too obvious. I like to be able to read mysteries and be surprised by what unfolds, or at least not figure out the murderer within the first twenty pages. Murder by the Seaside keeps to guessing and gives you a nice puzzle to solve. Lindsey also adds a bit of romance to the story. While I don't normally read romance, I like a good smooshy story within the main story.

Murder by the Seaside a great blend of mystery, drama, romance, and a little history.

You can get any of the Patience Price, Cozy Mysteries: (Murder by the Seaside, Murder Comes Ashore, Murder in Real Time) at Carina Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Lindsey also writes YA fiction (Deceived and Prophecy) and I think I know what I will be reading later this year. Well, after I read my Neil Gaiman pile that is, always so many books to read.

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