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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Afternoon and Coffee

Christmas is finally packed away. FINALLY!!!!

No Tree, just a Hubs! 
Funny how Christmas is shoved back into boxes after being rushed up during the month of Turkey or earlier. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but i was hearing about Christmas trees being on the curb by the afternoon of Christmas Day. And yes, i did wait until almost the end of January before shucking the Christmas off the walls and stowing everything back into the bowels of my house. (Can you tell I am a theatre person with a flare for the dramatic).

Okay check-in time...

This week:
     *Submitting: I submitted to 2 journals. Actually it was this morning, because I didn't get to it yesterday.
Working on a rhythm and system to this goal. Still figuring this one out.
     *Blogging: I did post once this week. It was my flash fiction for a challenge, but I had be meaning to post it. So it worked out for this week.
     *Reading: making my way through The Story of Martha by Dan Abnett (Doctor Who novel). Not much else reading wise since Wednesday.
      *Editing: revised my flash fiction piece The Bridge (1419 words). You can read it here. Edited my press release, which is now being used to promote my show (The Mousetrap). Finished 1st draft of The Audition (re-write).
      *Writing: finished writing a rough draft of my holiday story currently titled Christmas Trees.
For this week:
      *Novel: finish the last 66 pages of The Real Road Trip and begin the small fixes (spelling, grammar, tense shifts, missing words, etc.).
      *Writing: look at Doctor 8 fan-fic story I started last year. Try to write at least 200 words on that. Try to continue to write 500 words a day. Not been good with this. I usually get at 200 - 250 words a day, when I am able to write.
      *Blog: 1 new post this week.
      *Edit: review my edits on The Audition begin edits on the The Real Road Trip.

While a quiet week at the day job; it was a busy week with theatre, directoring, and being VP of a theatre organisation. Yesterday was shopping at Salvo for costume pieces and getting familiar with my costumers ideas and syncing up both our ideas. We made a HUGE dent in the costume needs! Will have a poster sometime today and will include in future posts. So if you are in the area in March, I would love to see you at the show. This week is a busy week for Mousetrap, with rehearsals three days in a row and the Golden Age of Radio show that happens next weekend (I have 3 cast members in the radio re-enactment show too).

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a Blog Challenge that knows you have a life. Visit the Blog Hop and see what we writers are up to in writing, crocheting, theatre, gardening, etc.

Also, things you can't UNSEE, crocheted shorts!! Allison, maybe you should try this :-)

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  1. Sounds like you've had a productive time on several fronts!

    I took my Christmas tree down on the 1st of January. Couldn't wait to get that sucker packed away and reclaim my house from under all the tinsel!

    1. Or pine needles, real or fake. Right?

      I had planned to take it down about a week after New Year's, but stuff and things happened. :-)


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