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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Day Late, but Not a Dollar Short!

I'm a day late. I have no good excuses for why I didn't type this up yesterday. so I am just gonna jump right in to the check-in and the goals.

This week:
    *Editing: I am really proud of myself with this goal this week. Saturday, which is not a normal goal driven day, in fact. I usually reserve Saturdays for being unplugged. But I sat down with The Audition (FINALLY), but after 10 minutes of sitting with the original draft, my notes from last edit session and my brain storming ideas, I just decided to pull out the word document and start writing. It funny how the whole time I wasn't editing the damn thing, I somehow found the new plot and complete the rough draft of the re-write. This means that now I need to review and revise the re-write, but  I feel so much better with this new plot. I took out the younger sister and focused the main points about the conversation. I want to do a short revision of this new draft by Friday. Finish cleaning it up and add a few details that I missed on Saturday writing session.
      *Reading: finished The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman), but I might have already mentioned that. Finished Only Human (Garth Roberts) and started The Monsters Within (Stephen Cole). The Doctor Who novels are quick reads and highly addictive, if you are into Doctor Who.
       *Novel: Not quite done with the read through of The Real Road Trip, only on page 40 of 115 pages. That is a major goal this week.
       *Writing: did not write yesterday or Friday. Need to be more diligent on spending time writing. I have three unfinished WIP that I can work on, the press release for The Mousetrap, plus there's always new blogs to write and poetry. I did write Thursday and Saturday.
       *Social Media/Visiting: I visited blogs and websites, about 4 on Thursday and Friday, also was a little active on Saturday.

For this coming week:
       *Submitting: at least one this week.
       *Novel: finish read through of The Real Road Trip.
       *Write: Monday - Thursday (at least). Maybe Friday, if I feel inspired.
       *Blog: sometime this week, before Friday evening include posting a WIP on WIPpet  Wednesday. I think it's time to try this.
       *All other ongoing bs small goals....etc, so forth...

Overall my mood has been really good. Keeping my productivity up and so far balancing the murder and the writing. The murder chorus is all but record and will be edited hopefully by Friday. In case you are curious, Dear Readers, the murder chorus is an audio tableaux that is going to play at the opening of each show to tell the story of the Murder of Culver Street.

A Round of Words in 80 Days (see the link to the blog site here) is a blog challenge that challenges you to write and knows that you have a life and the life happens. Come and visit the Blog Hop to meet other fellow writers. Challenge yourself! :-)

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  1. I'm late this week too. And isn't The Graveyard Book a fun read? I really enjoyed it.

    1. Oh. My. God, yes!! :-) I am totally in love with Neil's writing.

      Thanks for stopping by! ~waves~

  2. I'm always late!

    Sounds like you've been busy- and on an unexpected day, which is great!


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