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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Music, Murder, and Progress

Time to get cracking. I am fully aware of the time of day and it's the weekend so I wanna be lazy dammit!

Okay that sounded a bit childish, but it's true. I am still making progress. It's just I slept in and then zoned out to some reviews before cracking the whip. There's something about Sundays, Dear Readers that makes a person likely to be lazy. Not always, I know, but with me it does. Certainly now since I have a M -F day job.

How do you feel about Sundays, Dear Readers? Productive day or excuse to slack and relax? With the colder weather my ambition has taken a little longer to wake up.

Okay, time for a update. Actually, it's not bad. I did a bit before writing this, but it was my first chance to focus on these two items.

This week:
     *Reading: finished The Deviant Strain (Doctor Who Novel) and Murder by the Seaside by Julie Anne Lindsey. Couldn't put down either, spent about 6+ hours finishing them. Starting Only Human (Doctor Who Novel) and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
     *Writing: been pretty good and writing daily, except weekends. I seem to like having a life on Saturdays. Sunday I do writing, partially because of ROW80, but also because I don't go too far on Sunday (well most Sundays). I have written at least 100 words on Monday through Thursday of this week. Friday, I think I just got sidetracked, so, not bad. Might have to ramp up the  daily word count to 500 words and exclude Fridays and Saturdays as they are my 'unplugged' days. Still a solid goal.
      *Editing: I edited a flash fiction I wrote last week (The Bridge). I actually read the story first before making edits. That felt that was more productive. I am a bit impressed, I feel it is actually pretty good. The Audition is on the back burner. I tried to work up the nerve, but oddly, it didn't want to be disturbed, probably why I went with The Bridge. and I realized i said edit updates on Friday, oops! :-) Need to remember to make a post about any and all update on Friday, even if brief. There's is always this week.
       *Social Media/Visiting: except for Friday and Saturday I have been keeping up with my 3 to 4 visits (and sometimes more) visits. Tweeting regularly too!
       *Submitting: 1 submission this week (well, today to be specific). Been looking at new site and journals, but think I should submit new work to the journals that rejected me last year. Had some hopefuls and even some feed back. Continuing with 1 submission per week (at least).
        *Theatre stuffs: finished the Murder Chorus and had scheduled my recording session with my chief audio specialist/videographer.

Up and coming this week:
      *Editing: The Audition. No more pussy footing around. It gets the red pen, or.... Well yeah, will finally get to the long waiting revision/re-write. I think I need to take my notes and the old script and sit down to hash out details. Might take a little longer in the process, but the script will be much better because of it. It's based on a bit of my experiences auditioning for show and harsher truths of auditions.
       *Novel: I have a printed copy and will be starting the read through this week.
       *Blogging: finish my Little Prince review.
       *Writing/Reading/etc....: continue with the goals.

I have been enjoying my rehearsal for Mousetrap. Only 3 rehearsal in and I am seeing the actors building to build their characters. Things I am learned: blocking murder is tough, sometimes it's okay to laughing at rehearsal, and trust is key.

Have a awesome week, Dear Readers, stop by the Blog Hop of A Round of Words in 80 Days (the linky link), and enjoy some Tegan and Sara.


  1. I agree that there's something about Sundays that tempts us to be lazy. Hubby and I will make muffins and sit and chat while eating and drinking coffee. Later in the day I do laundry and maybe run a few errands or do some housework, but I'm always fighting the temptation to just sit around and relax.

    Good luck with all of your goals!


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