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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Already?

It's Wednesday already, even after having a day off from the day job I still didn't get everything done that I

wanted. But, made a HUGE dent! Mostly housework and reading! :-)

Okay, I have a million thoughts running today and trying to not explode, so this will be a quick check-in. Rehearsal tonight and after I need to doing some emailing and writing for the Mousetrap.

This week:
     *Reading: been plowing through The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It's so good! Close to finishing, which probably happen tonight. Only have Only Human (Doctor Who) by Gareth Roberts and The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer in queue as well, so certainly no lack of reading this week.
      *Novel: I have read 39 pages. Fighting the urge to correct the myriad of mistakes and grammar issues and to embellish other sections. I need to READ the The Real Road Trip first!
      *Blogging: done yesterday. Review on The Little Prince (book and movie). Seems to be getting a good response thus far.
      *Writing: wrote Monday, not Tuesday. It happens!
      *Social Media/Visiting: seem to be hitting every other this week, but at least 3 sites when I do. Must make effort to track this better.

Later this week:
      *Novel: finish the read through by Friday.
      *Writing: write tonight, Thursday, and maybe Friday.
      *Reading: finish The Graveyard Book.
      *Theatre stuff, Rest of dishes, Downstairs bathroom floor, Bills, etc....Blah, Blah, Blah...

A Round of Words is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come visit the Blog Hop. Meet new friends, maybe set up some goals, write some.... :-)

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  1. Ok, I tried to post using my wordpress account and it didn't appear to have worked so I've switched to Google and hopefully I am not double-posting here. If I am, I'm sorry!

    Good on you for making a dent with your day off! I took a day off on Monday and....slept in! And listened to audiobooks which kinda/sorta passes itself off as doing research -- at least for the time when my eyes were open. The playing of Two Dots was pure goofing off. Good luck with your goals this week, especially the not exploding one!

    1. It's happens. I promise to tell my blog to NOT eat comments again!! :-)

  2. It's always the way - more time off and yet you can't get ahead. Happens all the time to me. It seems the busier I am the more productive I am. Here's to a great productive week ahead.

    1. I try to stick to one day off a week where I can goof off and relax... Usually works!

  3. I very god week. I always seem to think I should be able to fit more in any time period than is possible. I'm learning to accept that...not always easy, but fighting or blaming myself wastes energy I can use on other things.

    May you find acceptance, and a joyful level of productivity!

    1. Working on it. Thanks for stopping by, Shan! :-)

  4. Hey sweetie - some links to off blog things would be nice. Just sayin'. I only had the link in my computer because we had talked about A Round of Words.

    Like I said, just sayin!


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