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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Writing a Snowy Blitz on a Cold Day

So I fell asleep before writing my daily 100 words yesterday. i felt kinda bad about it, so I wrote a Blitz Poem. Don't know what a Blitz Poem is, well, it's a 50 line poem of short 2 word plus phrases made to be read in quick succession. They are awfully fun to write when you can just sit down and bash it out in 15 minutes, not thinking, just writing. If you have an idea at the beginning; I doubt the end will have the same meaning, but that is half the fun of Blitzes.

This poem comes in at 205 (with the title). I feel better. I also realized how much I miss writing poems. There is a good chance that I will use my daily writing to write some new poetry, unless I have a WIP story going.

Hope you enjoy my Snowy Blitz, Dear Readers. Stay warm! Drink coffee/cocoa/tea!! See you around...

Brewin’ in the Eyes

Storm’s a comin’

Storm’s a brewin’
Brewin’ something warm
Brewin’ raw emotion
Emotion tells me to
Emotion leads to action
Action is a dance
Action creates endorphins
Endorphins, what are they
Endorphins, they heat the mind
Mind if I ask
Mind you, I was nice
Nice is the day
Nice is the party
Party was set
Party is ready
Ready with the fire
Ready is the music
Music will make you move
Music to warm your heart
Heart pumps the blood
Heart feels the love
Love to meet you
Love to dance
Dance away the fear
Dance into the night
Night is when the dark comes
Night has demons
Demons make the wind blow
Demons of the winter
Winter where the cold comes
Winter with the snow
Snow is falling now
Snow is quite cold
Cold is the wind
Cold is my fingers
Fingers wrapped around your hand
Fingers not willing to let go
Go and dance they say
Go and make merry
Merry may you be
Mary will you?
You will help while away
You make the dark disappear
Disappear with me
Disappear from their eyes
Eyes will watch the snow falling
Eyes to watch over you tonight



  1. Nice consistent flow and theme.

    I suggest dropping the commas - they interrupt. This form "should" be without punctuation - but the question mark seems ok since it doesn't pause the flow.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I will clean up the Blitz. I guess I just get used to using commas.

      Glad that you stopped in for a visit. :-)


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