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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

There is some progress there...

Jumping in feet first this week...

This week:
    *Blogging: done yesterday. A review of Coraline book and movie. That was fun!
    *Writing: wrote 2 short poems on Monday and blogged Tuesday. WORD TOTAL: 1208 word for the blog and 29 word for the cinquains.
    *Reading: finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Really good! Sad, yes, but an engaging read overall. Started Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Seriously I am really addicted to this man's work!! Stuck on Windhaven (George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle).
    *Social Media/Visiting: on track.
    *Submitting: to Yalobusha Review (actually was on Sunday, but well after posting Sunday's check-in).
    *Theatre Stuffs: Cast is almost completely off book. Looking so good.

This rest of the week:
     *Writing: write daily between 100 - 500 words. Current projects are to write Flash Fiction for #writestuff challenge and/or work on Doctor Who story.
     *Editing: The Real Road Trip and knock out between 20 - 30 pages before Sunday's check-in. Slack on this this week.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission this week.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post (non-ROW80).
     *Theatre Stuffs: need to call the lady we are borrowing the chair from and print off the press release to take to The Leader this week. Call my sponsors that are supposed to be putting in ads in the program.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that challenges you to set goals and report on your progress. It is a Blog Hop, come in and warm yourself by the fire and visit with the rest of us writers.

Borrowed picture from Jenna Wood
Today is WIPpet Wednesday and I am not quite prepared. Today is 2/18, so let's do 8 + 1 = 9 lines from The Real Road Trip. It's a short bit. a little more about Selynee, this time when she's older. Trust me I will post a bigger snippet next week.

Bolting awake, Selynee sat upright. Her room was still dark. Tears were following down her cheeks as the dream receded from her memory. There was Marcie at the semi-formal, it felt like an almost reliving of that night. Selynee fought to shuck the dream off as she cried into her stuffed rhino, but the emotions left her feeling heavy. 

Selynee threw off her covers. The pillows were already on the floor, only the rhino was wrapped in her arms. It was stared at her, with its little rhino smile on its face. “Oh Rupert!” she said, glancing at her clock. The green glowing number made she eyes ache. It was two in the morning and she was wide awake.

This cold, I tell you. I am so over winter! My productivity suffers when it is this cold. I am trying so hard to fight it. The good news is the The Mousetrap is coming along swimmingly. My cast is a delight to watch. We are a little over two week until the show. Wowsa! Scared and excited all rolled into one. What have you been up to in the middle of this snow/cold/winter, Dear Readers?


  1. Little Rhino????Now there is some imagination at work!!

  2. We did The Mousetrap when I was in high school. I was running concessions during most of the shows. Much preferring stage and house crew as apposed to cast. Well that and I can't act to save my life. Congrats on reaching your goals and good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. Awesome!

      It's been a good time. Murdering and such!! I love watching my cast kill each other. Heheheh....yeah, I said that. :-)

  3. I'd say I'm looking forwards to discovering what's upset Selynee so much, but that sounds a little harsh even when referring to a character! I really felt for her though, you described it very nicely. Particularly the rhino... that one little toy really brings the scene to life for me.

    1. Thanks, now that I am editing my novel (well first round of edits) I am finding some nice bits that I have written. Good for WIPpet Wednesday :-)

      Glad you are enjoying them!!

  4. I like the mention of the rhino also - makes Selynee more endearing.

  5. I wonder what was so upsetting about the Winter Formal. Also, a stuffed rhino? I want one!

    1. Maybe stock in stuffed rhinos will go up now! :-)

      More to come with Selynee!!

  6. I hate waking up like that and then being wide awake to boot. Poor Selynee. Loved the rhino, a nice touch.


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