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Sunday, March 1, 2015

...Only 30 Miles from London!

It's Sunday and no I haven't done a thing with my goals. I spoke earlier about this potentiality. It is true.

Today begins Mousetrap tech week (known to the theatre community as Hell Week). Simply put, when hell week happens nothing else gets done. My house has becomes a tornado alley (more than normal), with stuff and things everywhere. Chores like dishes are forgotten, laundry doesn't get put away, forget any sense of order. Anyway, all this babbling means that I have been 'living' in Monkswell Manor, 30 miles from London for the last week and will be for this week. I will try to accomplish something, but today and Wednesday are looking a bit packed for time.

This week:
     *Reading: I got a little farther in Five Little Pigs (Agatha Christie). TOTAL PAGES: 20.
     *Theatre Stuffs: got the first coat of paint on the set. Will need a 2nd coat on some of the panels as the previous show used this dark red and touch ups. Got most of the props, just missing a few last minute props. The interior designer is still at work getting wall stuff for Monkswell Manor, just so far it's looking good. Sound effects are done. Publicity is ongoing with press release having seen in the Corning paper already.

This coming week (going to make this simple):
      *Reading: attempt to read at work, during lunch. I usually do, but this past week has been distracting. Make my way through more of  Five Little Pigs.
      *Writing: try to write something between Sunday (today) and Wednesday, even if it's one thing.
      *Theatre Stuffs: do TV interview with Dale 3/4 (butt-crack of dawn), finish set (painting, fixes, and last minute touches) on Tuesday, rehearse, rehearse, rehearsal, oh and I forgot rehearse! :-)

A Round of Words on 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life and is a Blog Hop. Stop on in and get warm.

I have been quoting this show about continuously, "Little Bo Policeman has lost his skis and doesn't know where to find them..."

"The north wind doth blow; and it will bring snow; and what will the Robin do, poor thing."

"But such a gay little tune? Don't you think? She cuts of their tails with a craving knife- snick, snick, snick- delicious. Just what a child would adore. Cruel little things children..."

So, if you are in the Corning area March 6 - 8th and 13 - 15th come and see The Mousetrap!


  1. I would bop right over to see your play . . . it sounds like a real treat, but there's something in the way. Ooops! A continent and an ocean! But the play sounds wonderfully intense and fun and all those good things to spark your creativity when the curtain falls and the play closes. Props! Light! Action! Enjoy every moment. Your experiences here could lead to a marvelous behind-the-scenes mystery, a la Agatha.

    1. Actually I live and perform theatre in Central New York State not actually London. Just quoting a bit of the show there.

      On being inspired, it already has. I wrote a flash fiction piece, and no doubt inspire more stories and/or poems. :-),

  2. Hope you get through Hell Week unscathed! Chookas for opening! (I'm impressed you even had time to get this post written in the midst of it all!)

    1. I sneak in what I can, when I can. Next week will be a return to normalcy (even with the second weekend of performances next weekend as well, I won't have a million and one things to do. So I can get some writing done.) Thanks! :-)

  3. The play sounds great. It has been so long since I have been to a play. Some weeks go closer to plan than others, but as long as you are taking baby steps you are making progress. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

  4. Good luck with hell week..I am sure you will persevere.


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