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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last Performance and Bittersweet!!

Okay, so today is the last performance of The Mousetrap. Today is going to be bittersweet. As does happen, this show has been amazing to put together and the cast phenomenal to work with. Tomorrow, I will face my post show crash, but today I go in with my head held  high and watch my cast give it all for their last performance.

ROW 80 goals are still on the short side this week, as I am still in between my two worlds. It's okay. I am going to have much more time. Feeling good today, Dear Readers. My current state of health is the illness wasn't bronchitis, just a several chest cold/cough. Yay ZPAC!! Cough is receding and feeling much better.

This Week (really short):
     *Reading: finished Five Little Pigs (Murder in Retrospect) by Agatha Christie and started Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I can see the similar characters the Miss Christie has used in a few other of her novels that I have read, but the end always seems to surprise me.
     *Social Media/Visiting: most of the week was on track, 4 blogs daily. I slipped up about Friday and Saturday nothing.

This Week (upcoming and return to form):
      *Reading: continued with Anansi Boys.
      *Writing: work on flash fiction piece for #writestuff challenge.
      *Blogging: 1 new blog entry (non-ROW80). I promise this week, I swear. :-)
      *Submitting: 1 new submission.
      *Editing: edit another 10 pages of The Real Road Trip.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a Blog Hop challenge that allows you to set goals and report on the progress of those goals. Come on in! We have Oreos!!

That's it, I write this before I have to head to the Elks for the show. It's going to be a long day. Since I have been out and about, what have you been up to, Dear Readers? Any good trouble?


  1. I have questionable trouble because my ancestry research may have a problem early on which will require a massive loss of branch and starting over...other then that life is good. Break a leg!!

    1. Sorry to hear that! May the luck been with you this week and a shamrock shake (if that is your cup of tea). :-)

  2. Hope your last day went great :)

    Best for the coming week!

    1. It did. The cast was amazing!! I'm not biased at all ~giggle~

  3. Glad to hear you are recovering. Bronchitis would have dragged on a while. Sounds like an amazing show. And, yet you made good progress. All the best in the week ahead.


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