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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A ROW80 Wednesday Wrap -up!!

Words by James A. Owen
There are a number of things I am grateful for; the most is My Friends. There are those of us who find ourselves in a torrent of Orcs, Urgals, Shades, Demonic Kings, Tyrants, and Thieves (both physical and mental, Dear Readers). There are these the lighthouses that shine upon our darkness and help guide us a way out. And for those moments with the ethereal Gods and Goddesses descend from on high to light the way through the forest, I am and will be forever grateful. Thus being said a thanks to Krissy and Sara for yesterday.

This week find me FINALLY FREAKIN" FINISHING "Inheritance"!! Gods by Damn to the Neitherworlds!!!

To say I am glad, Dear Readers, is an understatement. Those of you who follow me regularly know this, know that I have been struggling to finish "Inheritance" since January. But, as with any book, there is a  price, that is sadness, a sadness of leaving the characters I have come to love and hold dear behind. I have said this before, but I am not going to review "Inheritance" right now. That's for a later blog. I must to clear my head.

Anyway, Dear Readers, "The Inheritance Cycle" is a good series to read. Even though at times it drags, feels too detailed (not that detail is bad, but sometimes 20 pages of Dwarven council is a bit much). The characters are different, the story is sound, if overly long at times. I did enjoy it. I might be less than other series, but it still enjoyed it. I might even say that it is a series to be put on the re-read shelf (and that is saying a lot). Not my favourite series, others hold that place, but "The Inheritance Cycle" is still a good read for fantasy lovers.

I have decided to do a full review later in the year. I have some to prospects, like NaPoWriMo and the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Also, I am going to continue into Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days. This coupled with the upcoming storm of The Tempest going up April19th through April 26th (4 performances) with the Keuka Lake Players and 24 Hour Theatre with The Lake Country Players on April 5th. These are some of my challenges facing me this month and next.

I have learned a heck of a lot about managing my time and striving forward with my goals. There were a number of goals that I never come close to; but on the other side, I learned some new skills, made some new (better) habits, and pushed myself harder with my writing. There is SO MUCH more I can and will do. I am going to revise my goal from Round 1, add some new goals, and discard old ideas/goals that I do not think will work for me. It's not anything I am shamed off, in fact, I am that much more freer and confidant in my abilities to pursue those goals and dreams.

So, what have I been up since Sunday?

~Finished "Inheritance"
~Starting "The Hunger Games" tomorrow (need time to let "Inheritance"set in)
~Journaling twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
~Keeping up with the housework
~Starting hiking

It's a start and a decent way to end Round 1.

I have group rehearsal for the Tempest tonight. Will get to show off my stuff. Been feeling more like Trinculo lately. The director had to switch out our Stephano due to difficulty with the lines. But thankfully we have a new Stephano and the old Stephano still wants to be involved with the show. It was her first show EVER! That takes balls. She did an awesome job with what she could and for that I give her a huge ~DRAGON HUG~ and a toast from my bottle!! Other than that, it goes well. 24 Hour Theatre is going great. The excitement from the writer, directors, and actors is amazing. It's going to be good!!! The other theatre projects I am involved have started LCP's junior players Zombeo and Juliet (set master/props mistress) and LCP Improv. Like I said earlier, Dear Readers, it's going to be a busy April. But, it's what I do! And, of course, in between, find time to write. Oh, no rest for the wicked and the writers.

Come and visit my fellow writers and bloggers on the Blog Hop!! Have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers. Leave me a comment below. Spread some love. Enjoy the outside. And, remember that I believe in each and everyone of you and will not let you fall!!

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  1. sounds intriguing - might put it on TBR pile - need time after good books - to come back to another world - have fun - all the best with play and look forward to seeing you next round:)


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