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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

AROW80 Check-in: Wibbely Wobbely Derpy Werpy

Sometimes all it takes is a dream. In my case, it was a dream about missing French class for three weeks.
Another case of life imitating dreams. Although dreaming about school is NOT necessarily my favourite topic for the land of Nod, but oh well!

I had a pretty fantastic Tuesday. Not only because I was able to break out of the quasi-pseudo slump that I had been hanging around in, but I think I got David out of his funk-kel-delic winter blues that have taken it's hold on him. We actually took a long late afternoon walk over the new Centerway Walking Bridge in downtown Corning and did a loop across the river dike, back over the Bridge Street bridge and back past Corning Inc.'s HQ. Lots o' Sunshine and certainly much needed, since i am pretty sure we were both vitamin D deprived.

Before that I was able to make progress with getting back on track with my writing projects and other things. First, I journaled yesterday morning. I mean really took out my pen and wrote about this, this, and whatever else I could think of. I had missed that feeling of writing without thought (or maybe there was thought, because I needed to get out something that was bothering me, or work out on idea). Journaling is a good thing and I am glad I have my Tuesday and Thursday mornings (with nor without Morrie). Okay, I can't help the internal commentary, Dear Readers.

Yesterday, I was able to edit a short play, a 1 act that I had written over last summer during my friend 62 Hours of Art. Just me in a hammock or by my personal rock spot with my easel writing with reckless abandon (oh and on Beulahland's porch too). The script made hardly any sense after 7 1/2 months of rest. I know what I wanted to say, but it wasn't clear in the writing. Yesterday, i did a massive revision/rewrite and it sucks A LOT less. Might still need work, actually I am counting on revising it again, but I think I have a better grasp on the actually plot. It's about a young woman who comes to live on a farm and discovers something about herself. (I get very thoughtful with my scripts sometimes).

I also manged to get the some housework caught up (dishes and laundry), so the house looks less of a wreck. With Tempest building up to rehearsals twice to three times a week now, I need to try harder to keep the housework under control. Speaking of the Tempest. I am off book!! I am also 70% sure of my cue lines. I have a costume and most of our scenes props. It's definitely coming together (see photos below).

It's been a good week so far! This is the last AROW80  until April 7th (check out the Blog Hop), but I wanted a chance to write one more for this round and leave on a higher note and I did. ~w00t~ So, this is my higher note, a drawing of Derpy on the Tardis! have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers! New blog post by Saturday, I promise this time!


  1. Wibbely Wobbely Derpy Werpy? Ha!

    I put a Doctor Who reference into my latest short story. And a Sherlock reference. And Star Wars. And it's REALLY short, flash fiction, really.

    Now, you had to go and mention laundry and dishes! No! I really would rather be writing...isn't this why I have a teenager?

    1. HEHEHE.

      Most excellent to hear. I most certainly am a Whovian and am quite fond of Sherlock and original Starts Wars. I might have to read that story, if you are looking for reader, that is. :-)


  2. You seem like a person of many talents--writing, acting, arts all around. :)

    Sounds like you are having a productive week! Good luck with the last week of ROW80!

    1. Denise,

      I try to be well rounded.

      I have a number of interests and often I end up utilizing them in multiple projects. The weeks been better. I think the winter has done a number on me and I am ready to pull the dregs of winter off and moved into Spring. That's why I have gotten busier.

      Thank you! I have really enjoyed experiencing ROW80. I may continue into the Round 2.

      You have a fantastic rest of the week yourself. Allons-Y!! :-)


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