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Monday, April 7, 2014

A set of AROW80 goals, the Letter F, Faeries, and Love Poem too!

Okay, so I am going to combine three entries into one as today begins Round 2 of "A Round of Words in 80 Days", my daily NaPoWriMo poem, and my A to Z Challenge letter 'F'. It might feel like a lot to absorb, but by doing one blog entry for all three will save me time and I can introduce now folks to these things and maybe jump start someone creative endevours.

First, welcome to today's installment of the Blogging A to Z, today's letter is the letter 'F', now there are FUN and FANCY words out there, like FANTASTIC (the 9th Doctor says that word), or Frippery (I have a line in "The Tempest" that uses that word, "Oh, ho, Monster! We know what belongs to a FRIPPERY. O King Stephano!", and FACETIOUS. If you skim through the dictionary, you can FIND many words that start with the letter 'F', not all of them all exciting, but some are. All of the words that start with the letter 'F' are useful to someone. I need an word that start with the letter 'F' FOR my NaPoWriMo daily poem.

Words that I like that start with the letter 'F' include Fox, Fuzzy, Feather, Fuse, Funny, Folk, Fudge, but do any of these FINE words FEEL like I love them. I have to write a love poem, something that spark the passion of love and is inanimate too. I do love Faeries! I even have friends who are part Fey. But, it's got to be inanimate. Okay, then I will write about my FAERIE necklace given to me on my birthday six years ago. It's be a bit sad, because, well you'll see.

Now, I must let you all know, Dear Readers know about my goals that I have been thinking about for Round 2 of AROW80. While this time I am more aware of what I was able to accomplish, I still want to be about to achieve more of my goals than I did last Round. I will admit that I was overly ambitious during the last Round. This time I am going to scale back. Since April is my busy month I am going to be more focused and keep the goals to simple goal, at least until May. My first goal is to keep up with NaPoWriMo, A to Z Challenge, Camp NaNoWriMo (am 2 days behind on this one), and AROW80 check-ins. Easy right? I hope so! No, just kidding, I got this. It might seem like a lot, but I do have a plan of action. The first 3 days of April, I managed to keep pace. It was when 24 Hour Theatre occurred that I needed to choose what got done on what got skipped on Saturday.

Next, I want to finish my stories (at least one of the two) that I started in Round 1. I have to incomplete. I figure if I can get AT LEAST one story completed, then that would satisfy this goal. This also means that some other writing might get put off, at least through April and after The Tempest performances. I usually write an addition blog entry once a week, on top of the AROW80 check-ins, but with several challenge occurring at once, I am going to limit my regular blog postings to after April 30th (unless I get a FABULOUS idea for one and can sneak it in). This goal is to work on my stories. I will update progress on these 2 stories, as they happen.

Next, is keeping up with my journaling, twice a week. That sounds easy and I have gotten into the habit of bi-weekly journaling from Round 1 goals.

One more small goal, to make time during the day to read, whether on lunch at work, first thing in the morning, or at some point in the day. If I try to read before bed, I will just fall asleep and probably lost my place in my book. Am I right, fellow readers, bloggers, and writers?

Now, that doesn't mean I won't update on other things that have been going on, like theatre, improv, or just cleaning the house, but these are my goals for AROW80 Round 2. I hope you stick around to see what happens. Don't worry, there will always be some sort of magic happening here at Here, There be a Writer. Below in my love poem.

Also check out the Blog Hop link to my fellow AROW80-ers (bloggers and writers alike).

Chain of FAERIE

Oh, my darling you
To sit so fine upon my own chest.
You have been with me for--
Sideways Faerie, because it uploaded that way (TWICE)!
Let’s see--
Nigh on six years;
A silent guardian,
From those whom originally chose you.

I am only one--
As you are only one,
But together we are beautiful.
Only have glance,
But know I have your back,
Placed against my heart’s outer shell.
With me we have gone everywhere,
Shared the world
And taken no prisoners
Saved for the shared memories.
With me you came to Buffalo,
Shared in the theatrical joy of my life.

Sometimes I would even whisper your name
In the dark of the night,
Hoping you would hear.
Then there came a time,
When you could not hang on—
You were broken
And as was I.
Your thinly stretched links hugging my neck
Could no longer now.
I was crushed, but most so
Because of you
And your own feelings.
Crippled now you were,
I still loved you.
Will always love you
Even in the folds of my wallet
Where you now rest.

10:47 am

Yes, Dear Readers you are free to guess what I wrote my love poem about. Leave me a comment below with an answer. Have a FANTASTIC Monday and remember I believe in you.

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  1. Oh, The Tempest! I love that play. I haven't see it in ages--last time I think was in college when I went to the Stratford Festival in Ontario for a Shakespeare class. *sighs* That was so much fun...*gets lost in the memories for a moment*
    But back to row80--one of the things I love about ROW80 is that time we can take before the next round and reflect on our objectives and how we did the previous round. It makes me not feel so frustrated when I don't finish a goal, because I can remember that, hey, I'm human. I can't do it all.
    Also, that was a lovely poem. Writing poetry terrifies me (I know, I'm weird, lol) so I give major props to those who can do it. \o/ Good luck this round!

  2. Hi Cindy, I'm visiting from A to Z. I am all for multitasking to save time. Thanks for the intro into other blog hops. Lots to explore out there. Good luck with your round 2. Maria from Delight Directed Living


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