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Monday, April 28, 2014

Day #28 - X is for Xylophones and X-cellent Writing Prompts

I am going to write a haiku using the Letter "X" for today's blog. X is a harder letter to find something to blog about. Unless you like X-men, which I do. SO, I will also write a lune using X-men.

Xylophone's Song

Hear the echoes rings
As the mallets dance upon
The xylophone keys.

Mutants Abound

Those with power
with either lightening or magnetism
Saving the day.

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is a bit harder than I thought. I had to take a News Article to write a poem, using the words and content of the article. Click the link to see the article I used. I don't feel like this is my strongest poem, but I tried, Dear Readers.

But, I did it! I can say that I did it. It was a challenge and for that, it was worth the time I spent time writing it.

Netflix Stands For?

You won’t see
But higher fees on the rise.
A new battle of wits
Between Netflix
And Comcast.

It begins,
The battle for the Internet.
Prices and
Rights and
Ease of connecting.

The battlefield—
It’s the Internet
And has fought many a battle
over the last few years—
Now it’s Net Neutrality
And the behemoth of Comcast
Merging with Time Warner.

What will the future bring,
To the waste land of the Web?
Where those weaker
Than the mighty
Force their will, like some sort of
Tyrant Lord
Taxing the poor,
While he gets richer
While the rest still have to pay
To be able to Log on.

9:49 pm

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