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Monday, April 14, 2014

The letter L for Leo and 20 questions of poetry

I'm a Leo. That's a Lion. The loud, not afraid to stand one's ground, bravely sails into the fray, the torrential whirlpool of Grecian Mythology, Charybdis (Charybdis was a whirlpool off the coast of Sicily). The noble lion, leader of the pack, guardian of the weak, symbol of the righteous.

Righteous? Well...I doubt that, but I am loud, and can be brash. Lately I have taken the helm and spearheaded projects; leading the charge through the fog and fire. Sometimes I marvel at my ability to remain sane, even in the middle of everything. 

Sometimes I doubt myself. Sometimes I feel less like a lion and, more like a lamb, but yet, I still push through. I find the courage and the dedication to make it work. And that is something to be proud of. I had written plays that get performed and ar enjoyed. I have taken 24 Hour Theatre and made it something that The Lake Country Players can be proud of. I am running an Improv Troupe (Lake Country Improv). I have found the strength in myself, when I thought none existed. That is the mark of the Lion, the Mighty Leo.

When I think of how I came to be this person that exists. The Writer. Theatrical Director. Improv Actor. Actor. Tech Crew. Poet. I think about the questions that have run through my head, because that's what  happens when I am involved in something. I start asking questions. 

I ask the questions that need to be asked and the ones that I already know the answer and even the ones I don't know that answers to. I think that is why I am a Leo, because I ask the questions. Even when I am so unsure and afraid or when the questions seem dumb and I don't dare speak the question, I still ask them. It's part of me and it's how I work through stuff, especially when I do not know what to do. 

Today's A to Z challenge blends well into the NaPoWriMo poem for today. Prompt for today is to write a poem using only questions, except for the last line. What a challenge! It's like playing the improv game "Questions Only", which is a hard game to play, when you only can think in questions. This poem reminds me of my time in high school, when I was always questioning myself and life. I still fall into this pattern, but I usually try to make the questions work for me, not against. Hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

20 Questions

Where does the time go?

How fast is it really going?
Why do I worry?
Is there an end in sight?
Is that the real reason for the worry?
What is the truth of the matter?
Why do I do this?
Why can't I get past it?
What can I do?
Is there an answer out there?
Will I find my way?
What is the answer?
Is it simple?
Is it one that will be hard to make?
Where can I find these answers?
When will I know?
Why must I wait?
What is the reason in waiting?
Will I grow?
Becoming smarter?
Is there logic in waiting?
Why am I asking these questions?
What can I do until the answer comes?
Will I know the answer?
Will it be good?
Will it be right?
Will I find it in a book?
Will it come to me through a person?
A teacher?
A friend?
Will I learn something from the land?
The sky?
The Sea?
What will the world teach me?
How will the world teach me?
Maybe I just need to stop and listen.

1:44 pm

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