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Friday, April 11, 2014

Some drunken poetry

Today is the day that I write a poem about Love and Wine, and since I am going to perform in The Tempest in a week. I dedicate this poem to my castmates, Miranda, Ferdinand, and Caliban specifically. A toast to fair weather, happiness, and Clown Porn (inside joke). It's not in rhyme, but I like the flow of it.

Anacreon was a Greek poet who devised this type of poetry, with a rhyme scheme and a sing song feel to it. Like the bards of the olden days, singing the tunes to a rowdy drunken crowd at a party, wedding, or in the tavern.

Tempest Love Toast

Pour from thy heavens, Spirit-
'Tis time to fill thine glass full
with libations for the new
couple, upon mine own isle.
Decreed from the rightful heir,
the name you know, Caliban.

Will sing the praises of yours
The blessing nuptials fair
in a toast of the Fish Man.
We sing the praises rightly--
The Spirits of the drink flow
into all of our glasses.

4:15 pm

Today I say, "Let us be Jocund!" ~Caliban

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