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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day, Last Stand: Farewell Poetry and some ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz's

It's been a Zany, Zooey, and yet Zestful (A to Z Challenge) month of blogging and experimenting. I made it! I did! Now, it's time to finish up, wrap up, and look to exploring some new friends and fellow blogger/writers, who have stopped by to visit. The Tempest is over and I am feeling sad. The final poem for NaPoWriMo is a Farewell Poem, a poem saying goodbye to the friends of this months both Theatre and Writing. I have had some pretty awesome moments and some struggles, and a failure, but it's been great, awesome even.

I attempted Camp NaNoWriMo, but with my theatrical schedule and the blog challenges, I feel behind. I don't regret it, because if I never try, then how will I know. Also, I have about 18,000 word head start on November's NaNo. There is always a silver lining. I recommend NaNo, whether April's Camp NaNoWriMo or November's. It's a liberating challenge and lots of fun when you have the time to devote to it. 

I am going to work on my short stories, and revisions of completed works, while I do the A to Z Reflections
post, and visit other friends/writer's blog (leaving comments and such). Get connected and stay connected! I'm going to work on making my blog the best it can be and write, write, and write! There are a number of other little projects, but I will post about them as they are completed.

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Dear Readers, thank you for coming to visit my little space on the interwebs. And now, I give you my final bows....

Final Curtain

It's time to say Goodbye,

The story has come to an end,
The final curtain bow,
The encore is finished.

Oh, the stories we'll tell,
The adventures
And mishaps
And the favourite moments.
Theatre is like a family,
But so can an online
There are laughs
And tears,
Struggles and triumphs.
The best are the ones shares.

While the fanfare is dying--

The lights begin to fade,
I can see the now empty theatre
With its solid echoes
Ringing against the walls
And my ear drums.

The last poem is written--
The last alphabet blog typed clean.

I feel just a little bit saddened
That these moments are sliding away from me.

Many times,

I have complained
Many times,
I struggled to make
The deadlines--
Yet always did I.

The play maybe over,
The blog challenge
But only onto the next project
Is what I seek.

3:16 pm


  1. ((((((Cindy)))))) A real pleasure to have been sailing aboard the same ship~ great crew to be sure--- and we have gently landed ashore and stepped back into the norm...
    My 'norm' is sure to be improved due to the experience of The Tempest- Thank you for your part in bringing me on board and out of 'me'. Your heart makes you treasure.

  2. I love the madness of the a-z but at the end I am more than happy to get back to normality;) Never again I say every year and every year I'm back again same with nano:)

    so many blogs still to visit will take forever - well done for finishing both challenges one a month is more than enough for me!

    all the best:)


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