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Friday, April 4, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day #4; Oh Clare de Lune (Poetry) of Dragon Scales

Never heard of a Lune before. I guess it is a form of English poetry, based on the Japanese Haiku. The Lune uses the simplistic imagery and form 3-5-3 (that would be 3 words-5 words-3 words) or 5-3-5 (using syllables instead of word count). It a simple concept, but a harder one to master, as you have to think in basic thoughts/images/words to make your point.

I am awfully fond of the Haiku and the Lune sounds intriguing. So, today I present my Lune using my A to Z Challenge topic, Dragons.

Lune for Dragons Scales

Glistening shiny scales
balanced upon lean shoulder blades
the mighty dragon.

Thanks to Bluesman on Deviant Art for the Dragon Scale Wallpaper. You should go and check out his art. It's pretty awesome!!

It's been a busy day, Dear Reader, so I
will not be able to give you more Lune's to Serenade you by, but expect in the future for me to explore this form. Have a great Friday!!

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