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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

AROW80, Letter H, musical poetry fest!

It's Happenstance I am combining my blogs again, because I am just a touch rushed for time today. I don't want to hurry these things along. Today is H, and there are some loverly H words: Heckle, Huckleberry Hound, Hesperides (Grecian Goddess (es) of the Golden Apples, daughter (s) to Atlas), Hermes, Hippogriff, Honey, Hefty, and Horus.

As I am a lover of Grecian/Roman myths, so today I will speak of the Hesperides-sometimes a single maiden, or a group of sisters-born from Atlas, the bearer of the world. He is the god that carries the earth upon his shoulders. His daughter(s) guard the tree with the golden apples. One of Hercules labours includes retrieving some of the golden apples of the Hesperides. He asked help of Atlas, if he (Hercules would bare the world while Atlas retrieve the apples for Hercules. Hercules then borne the world upon his shoulders, in a twist of irony, Atlas was free and not going to return to his post, willingly. Atlas was going to let Hercules continue to bear the world. But then, Hercules intelligence and wit, Atlas once again borne the world upon his back. The trick was to ask Atlas to take the world so Hercules may get a cushion to world the world upon his shoulders. Then off he (Hercules) took off with the golden apples.

Now, today's poetry prompt is to right a poem using 5 random songs. I picked up my mp3 player and selected shuffle and listened to the first 5 songs: "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles, "Electricity is in My Soul" by Steam Powered Giraffe, "Empire" by Dar Williams, "England" by Great Big Sea, and "English Tea" by Paul McCartney. I can use these titles and songs in any way shape or form. I guess, here go nothing...

Electricity and the English

The echoes of the musical beats,
it's like electricity coursing through my veins,
it's tickles and make me laugh.

When I feel as lonely, as all of the lonely people do,
I will go and make a cup of English Tea.
It's not only for Sunday Mornings.

I sit upon the sprawling Empire
of my porch, watching the rain come down,
criss-crossing my field of visions.

Making my eyes foggy with tears
at the thought of the distance between you and me,
so far from me, Oh Mother England!

But, I am alive within my own world,
with a electric pulse, the evidence of my life
that I will not be buried with only my name.

I shall request Faerie Cakes to be baked,
upon my death and the whole of the Empire
shall celebrate everything that I was.

For though I may die within this life,
I will not submit what my life has been forged
upon the stormy seas of my mind.

My ancestors were strong folk, upon which
they traveled across the great oceanic divide
to make their own upon these sands.

It's that blood, that flows with me
that grant me my strength to push forward
into the great wilds of the world.

4:15 pm

This is inspired, partly, because of the loss that has permeate my life in the last few months; David's grandfather, our close friend Jane, and our kitty, Winkin. Do Not Go Gently into That Good Night! As the good Dylan Thomas once wrote. So, dear Readers, I hope you find strength with these words. Music be the food to feed out souls and to calm our fears. I am all calm, now. I can see the way clearer after this past week. Life is good, if flawed. I can see that, but am all the more determined to make it full of awesome.


Also, Dear Readers, I must update you on my A Round of Words check-in. I finished 24 Hour Theatre and am very proud of my writers, directors, and actors. You guys own it, you killed it! The audience loved you! And I love you! Tempest opens in a week and a half and improv is getting in full swing. There hasn't been much to update since Monday, but a clearer head and my steady output of my writing challenge is coming along.


My dedication is renewed and I am ready to make the rest of this month so awesome. The amuse is alive and awake. Great Thalia, Melpomene, Calliope, Erato, and Euterpe hear my call!!

I leave you,  Dear Readers with the songs from my miasma poem (my own title). There are some nice songs here, all from the E part of the alphabet. Have a great rest of the week,  Love each other, because life is short as there is only so much time. Give you husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, best friend, cat, dog, pet rock, theatre friends, everyone a hug. Tell them you love them and remember them fondly if they leave (whether just moving or they past on). Life too short, but also too full of amazing things to past any of it by.

If you want something challenging, you, Dear Readers should write a miasma poem. If you do leave me a comment about what songs you end up writing a poem about.

Remember, also to check out you friendly neighbourhood Blog Hop!

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  1. Wow a lot going one for you. Theater is a wonderful thing, but takes an enormous amount of time. Hope you get some rest and some writing time when the performances are through.


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