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Thursday, April 3, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day #3: Charmed Poetry

NaPoWriMo's daily poetry prompt is probably the most unique and ultimately different of anything I have written before. I am accustom to rhyming, but not quite in this way.

Today (Although not required. It's a good exercise of the grey matter.) is to write a poem in the style of a nursery rhyme that sounds like a charm; something  likely to ward off the evil spirits or grant good luck, or maybe get the cute guy at the coffee shop you buy you a cup of chai. This style is not my forte. I can rhyme in Sonnets, Triolets, Villenlles, but Charms? I remember having to write limericks in college (oh they were bad); they always sounded dumb. Not that charm poetry could be considered dumb, but if I try too hard at a form, sometimes I end up not liking that form. Note: Limericks and I are still on the odds with me. I like pretty much all forms of poetry, but, today, I am going to embrace writing charm poetry.

I was inspired to write this one, because, well, sometimes even I am not immuned to getting pulled over. So, here's a little charm to (hopefully) keep you from getting pulled over. Although if you are speeding, it probably  won't always help. So, try to be a safe driver, Dear Readers. And I will also do the same. Thankfully mine was a fix-it ticket and my van doesn't sound like a 747 during take-off (my exhaust rusted off and was REALLY loud, hence the ticket).

Charm to Avoid a Ticket

To blend within,
wrapped in metal skin.
I can travel along
singing the same song
that I can pass here
without tickets, I can cheer.

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  1. Wonderful little poem. I'm not immune to getting pulled over either! :)

    Visiting for the Untethered Realms blog for the A to Z Challenge.


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