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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day #24 - Oh, thou Masonry Wall and Unique Unicorns and Ukuleles

Ubiquitous Unicorn Uniting Under the Ultra Uber Universe!

The "U"! A hard word to find words for. But, I like Unicorn. I love Using the adjectives Uber, Unique, and Ultra. There's the Weird Al movie, UHF. Secret: I only just watched UHF for the first time a couple of years ago!  I have been an Usher in college for Rockafeller Arts Center (ugh, I want to type Centre) on the campus of SUNY Fredonia. There are problems in the Ukraine. Ukulele music is pretty awesome, check out Julia Nunes, Sophie Madeleine, and Molly Lewis. So folks like U2. uilleann pipes are an awesome instrument.

What else? I could go on, but I think I'll stop there. The letter "U" is underestimated. I will write a haiku and a lune for the letter "U", because every letter needs to feel special, even the letter "U". Although it does get to sit next to itself in the word VaccUUm Cleaner. That's a pretty neat thing? Okay maybe I'm reaching. Onto the poetry:

Unicorn Lune

Equine and Graceful
The stuff of magical legends
that inspire stories

Ukulele Music

Strum the chords, breathing
Littlest stringed instrument
 With the purest sounds

Today NaPoWriMo writing prompt is an easier one, yet still requires a bit of thought. Write about masonry, bricks, walls, arches, etc. It's kind of amusing to note that I work for a company that does construction materials testing, that includes masonry. Life imitating art? Maybe, just a bit, Dear Reader! Here is my poem for today:
Meditations of Wall and Art

A wall,
crafted Whether of bricks
or stone
is built once 
and forever it stands.
A border for those not welcome,
while others
for security.
Walls built of honesty--
far less fearful
and more for keeping the sheep in,
unless you have no sheep.

When you watch the 
building of a wall,
you see that each piece,
carefully placed,
with mortar sandwiched 
between the bricks
or stone.
The mason, is an artist--
crafting his way,
sculpting the pieces 
into a fine wall,
one used as a balance beam for children 
and fences for horses to leap
and places for neighbours to meet to chat
as perceived by Robert Frost. 

A wall,
serves it's purpose
it's, in the end 
what folks choose to make of them.

4:21 pm

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