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Monday, April 21, 2014

Day #21 - "New York School" Poem and Raxacoricofallapatorius

Today's blog is going to be a bit Doctor heavy. Today's poem for NaPoWriMo is a "New York School" Poem. I have never heard of this style, but it seems to be a style influenced by art, philosophy,emotions, and surrealism/modernism. I am still a bit unsure of how to write a "New York School" poem, but it feels like I am having a conversation with the reader, or at least whomever I am writing into the poem. So, I am writing a conversation into a poem, that includes several "ingredients": emotions, places in New York City, celebrities, dates and times, pop culture and the like. I use the "Recipe" provided by Thom Donovan

Chase to the Doctor
Sara Love, this is your moment
Where you walk the trails of Central Park
Seeking the Doctor
Who is new reading a book of Sonnets
Upon a large rock.
His glasses, round upon his nose
And he squints his eyes in the early morning light.
Amy and Rory are by his side,
Enjoying their picnic lunch—
They are full of life,
But how close are they to death.
Oh, Sara Love you are running
Aren’t you?
Can’t you see, Dear Readers
How she runs past John Lennon’s Strawberry Field
And the sunshine is obscured the sudden snow that it falling
Within the crystalline blue of the sky.
She can hear the sounds of Amy laughing,
The time is short.
There time is short,
And she knows it,
Before the Winter Quay occurs.
Amy bites into an apple,
Giggling at Rory and the memories.
Sara Love runs faster,
In her hand is a letter,
A letter for Amy and Rory,
And the Doctor,
They must know.
“Ah-ha,” shouted the Doctor,
“There is she!” He stands and waves,
As Sara Love comes running
around past the fountain,
her breath coming in gasps,

“Doctor? Doctor! I have this letter…”

“Yes, Love, I am well aware of your letter,”
Chimes the Doctor.

“But, the Winter Quay is blowing. It is coming!”

The Doctor stand upon the rock,
Pulls off his glasses,
“It’s coming?”
His eyes go soft, remembering,
And then nothing…
“I’ve forgot!”

6:37 pm

Also, today's letter is "R". I have another poem that features, Raxacoricofallapatorius, the planet that the family Slitheen comes from. I couldn't even use it in the sonnet itself, because it has 12 syllables in 6 feet. Sonnet in iambic pentameter has 10 syllables in 5 feet (1 foot = 1 unstressed syllable and 1 stressed syllable).

There's Rose Tyler. I haven't written a poem about her yet. For a future poetry blog post, maybe a Villanelle or Terzanelle.

Raxacoricofallapatorius (or There Was Once…)

There once was a planet that some would say
Has lovely seas that shine burgundy bright
It is also said you can pass the day
Upon the beaches that are quite the sight.

Family Slitheen
They say that there are four polar regions--
Can you imagine the mountains of ice,
They say are guarded by many legions.
Do you wonder if they are very nice?

A rather famous place to breeze on in--
If you are lucky enough to trek there
You might get to see the egg fields of Kin,
But watch out for the Slitheen and take care.

For all though quite a planet of allure
There are those from who you would well detour.


Another "R" thing, "Rocky and Balls", the great internet comedy duo, Sophie Ball and Hannah Rockcliffe! Here's a bit of their stuff, involving cake and kazoos!! Rocky and Balls was a things that Hannah and Sophie did while going to University. They are now making working on their own musical careers. Check out their stuffs at Sophie Madeleine and Hannah-Rei. They are pretty awesome!

Have a wonderful night, Dear Readers! I will see you tomorrow, with a new poem for Day #22 of NaPoWriMo and the Letter "S".

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