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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day #19: Quixotic Ballad of Tuberculate Emarginula

Today is short....The Tempest is Coming, the Storm is brewing!!

I present my NaPoWriMo poem, featuring today's optional poetry prompt, using Seashell names in a poem. In the vein of a Ballad and using my favourite word Quixotic, because today's letter is Q.

I do hope you enjoy my homage to Don Quixote, Dear Readers. Have stellar day!

Ballad of Tuberculate Emarginula
Tuberculate Emarginula

In the farthest hills,
Amoung the snowy caps they lives
A wizened warrior,
One from whom the stories do tell,
You may have heard of him
Tuberculate Emarginula.

Not heard of him, you say?
Not likely,
His travels abound
Vast and Quixotic is her.
Upon his steed, Sparse Dove
Riding off in search of adventure
And glory.
He would fight the mighty
Shoulderblade Sea Cats or
The rare Ghastly Miter.
Whose trophies are mounded
Sparse Dove
Upon the walls of the nearby inns.

Tuberculate was a rare man,
Chivalrous and Brave,
Yet Clumsy and Weak.
Nothing in his body spoke of hero,
But of desperate sit,
Yet he traveled the world wide
Making stories to be told within the taverns
And inns.
With him was his companion,
Woody Canoebubble.
A companion, most notably for
His bubble like appearance,
But loyal to Tuberculate.

Together they made stories
To make blush the hardest men,
Yet how they made these deeds,
Most often was
Woody Canoebubble
By accident,
And yet, always, in every tavern
There was a lady who spoke to Tuberculate,
With a marriage proposal,
But, always, he would say that
His heart belong to the fair,
Lady Lazarus Jewel of Box(Ford),
but being romantic,
Would take on their quest requests
and always  he would return
with a jeweled brooch
and the head of a Striped Engina.
Striped Engina

‘Tis was his way,
He asked for nothing,
But a quest to partake on
Accidently winning the day
And the honour of maidens across the land,
With Woody by his side
And his faithful steed, Sparse Dove.

It was one day, when Tuberculate
Rose from his bed,
Only to find that he could not,
He was dying
And all he did was call out to
Lady Lazarus Jewel
To come to his side,
Lazarus Jewel Box
Yet there was no one there,
Even when Woody bathed his Master’s forehead
In a fevered state.

The doctors knew of no cure
To ease the old warrior’s ails
And the village watched from afar as
Tuberculate Emarginula slowly wasted away.
It was then that Woody Canoebubble
Rode off into the reddest sunset.

All the villagers thought him mad,
Until his stout donkey returned with
The fairest woman, darkest hair and
Brightest eyes,
The Lady Lazarus Jewel.
It was she who whispered words of wonder
Into the ears of the warrior, Tuberculate Emarginula
Into his newest quest; to ride into death.

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