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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Letter G and Poetry

Why is it so hard to pick something blog about using the letter 'G'? What are things that I like starting with G; grapes, grover, gardens, gnomes, glow sticks, gryphons? Gosh I just don't know!

I like the book the "Giving Tree", by Shel Silverstein.

I am truly having a blank moment with the letter 'G'.

since I am having a deer in the head lights look trying to find something to blog about, maybe it is a Great time to write a LUNE about Gryphons. I happen to love Gryphons, one of the more nobler mythical creatures half eagle and half lion. They are said to guard the treasures of kings. Legends indicate they Gryphons mate for life and if their mate dies. then the surviving mater lives alone for the rest of their days. Sounds kind a romantic. A gryphon is considered the king of all animals, being half king of beasts (lion and half king o f birds (eagle). Here's a Lune for the mighty gryphon.

Lune de Gryphon

Golden wings wide
Fiercely brave and built strong
for thy honour.

One will defend
loyalty treasured amongst all else
Of one's mate.

Kings of both
the aerial and earthen realms
They are masters.

What does a Poetry Remix sound like? Could you even imagine?

Today's NaPoWriMo challenge is to rewrite a classic poem. No other tips are given, except an example. this make me think that this concept has only just been explored. That's why I thought of a Poem Remix, like when rap artist will sample a song in their own song, or a DJ will take a pop song and make a dance remix of the song. The latter is the point I was getting to. But, I also  think is more like a parody of a poem.

So, maybe it's a remixed poem, done in the style if parody. I think that's closer to what I am thinking. Using some of the same words, same number of words, and form/style. This will get interesting. I am choosing "Stopping by a Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. I am going to take the snarky approach to this poem. Though it be one of my favourite Frost poems, I am going to (massacre) re-write it.

Walking by the Forest of Someone Wealthier than I

Whose lands are here, with POSTED signs along the way
to guard his unused and forgotten 150 acres of wilderness.
I doubt he knows that boys camp here or hunters make their way
on warm summer nights and the opening of the hunting season.

Max, my trusty Golden Doodle, here is barking at the trees
at the forest edge at unseen creatures stirring within--
I know that raccoons, possums live here, as do white-tailed deer
and once and a while, if I squint my eyes,  I can spot 'em.

His barking disturbs my stares at the thick pines and maples
tugging upon his lead, asking to go after the chase.
He can hear the night creatures as they wake
with trips of pine needles, but I have to go.

A short hike through these woods, I would love to take,
but the promises of legal pursuit are far too great.
And yet, I still have to pee.
And yet, I still I have to pee.

1:26 pm

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