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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day #23 - Shakespeare Day and Faerie Forest Poetry

Happy Birthday and Death day, Master Bard!

Today is a day that any Thespian should acknowledge, at least if you are a fan of Shakespeare, as today is the day that the "Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon" was born and died. This is most potent, as this is the week that the Keuka Lake Players are performing his work, "The Tempest". The last two performances are this Friday and Saturday and Haverling High School's auditorium.

I am sure the bard would find it humourous to know that we are performing so close to his Birth/Death day! I feel honour to be acting in one of his most impressive and truly original plays. I am also honoured to be performing with a fantastic group of Thespians. I do hope that if you are in the area April 25th and 26th, you will come out to see our little production of "The Tempest". I don't think that Will would mind, I think he would enjoy our version, with a reversal of Woman playing Men (instead of Men playing Woman, as was standard back in Shakespeare's time).

Today's letter is "T", so many "T" words; Theatre, Thespians, Tempest are just a few.

My life has been a Shakespeare production for the last three month, I can hardly believe that in a few days it will return to 'normal'. It's been a fantastic trip. I honour the greats gods of the Theatre and the Great Bard himself with this production. It been the second time I have gotten to perform for Shakespeare for people, the first being "A Midsummer's Night Dream," as Nicholas Bottom, the ass. Now, it's as Trinculo, the drunken jester that I am playing. This production is dedicated to my late friend, Jane, ever the clown! She did not get to see me perform Shakespeare being moving back to Wisconsin in 2012 and passing away back in February of this year, "Oh worthy Stephano! O Peer. O King Stephano, look what a wardrobe here is for thee..."

Instead, today's poem is inspired by the world Shakespeare inspired in Midsummer, but honour the gods of Ostara (the Maiden and the Horned God), the pagan sabbat of Springtime, welcoming the growth of the green, the planting of the crops, and the fertility of this season. But, there is also a magic that reigns during this time. Taken from a picture of my friend James' Faerie Forest, I present:

Firefly Grove in the Faerie Forest
Firefly Grove in the Faerie Forest

to the beat of the Drums--
the beat that all men and Fae

The lights that are floating
Like lanterns within a forest of majesty
Where the lights are alive--
In circles,

The glow of the Faerie Lights
or Bonfires,
marking the beginning of Ostara--
Faerie Paths
when Spring doth wakes.

Flameless lamps,
living lights
Hang from the trees,
Which light the paths
and dost not burn the skin.

It is here 
with the Faerie Forest that we come together,
singing of joys there are--
the blessings of all
the hopes for a rich and full year.

A celebration--
To mark the better days ahead
With the joyous revelry of
Thine own friends
Both Fay and Folk alike.

8:42 pm

Also, today is my AROW80 Wednesday check-in. Not too much to reports, finished "The Hunger Games" and started "Catching Fire". 

I maybe writing a future blog on the book versus the movie. I brain just loves to compare and contrast the two, even if I want to shout obscenities at the TV.  Look for that in May. I am also planning another Book versus Movie adaptation month in the near future.

I have not worked on Camp NaNo in over a week, but am still not worried. I had other pressing concerns. Heheh! I am going to devote Sunday, April 27th through Wednesday, April 30th to writing that script. If I don't make it, I don't make it. I tried; what with "The Tempest" and my blog challenge (see NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge). I am impressed that I kept up as long as I could. Been building character development in the interim. 

I am proud that I have kept up with the blog challenges and really stretched my poetic muscles. This is the first day that I didn't write the suggested prompt for my daily NaPoWriMo post. I am still writing a poem for the "translation" poem (when you take a foreign language poem and translate into English, or whatever language you are translating it into). Look for that by the end of the weekend, Dear Readers!

I leave you with Blackmore's Night, the perfect music for dancing in Faerie Forest, by Firefly Groves with the glowing Fae Lights lighting the paths to the sacred circles where we meet with friends upon a Midsummer's Night to maybe rehearse a show to perform for others. Sounds perfect? You bet!

Also, remember to check out the Blog Hop for AROW80 writers and bloggers! 

Have a awesome evening, Dear Readers! As Miranda says to her father, Prospero, "We wish you peace." I wish all of you peace, light, and love.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet once again! Happy Ostara and Easter!


  1. Sounds like you're making the mos fitting tribute for you friend with your theatrical pursuits. Small nit, though... Shakespeare' birthday is celebrated on the 23rd, but the date is only a best guess based on his Christening date (the 26th) because his actual birthday isn't recorded, but his Christening was (unless you're one of the group that claims Shakespeare didn't write the works attributed to him).

    Nice images and imagery... I love how the Five-leaf ivy becomes a fairy path.

  2. I loved this. May your performances delight! =D

  3. A to Z, NaPoWriMo, AND Camp NaNo? Wow. It'd be a heck of a trick if you pulled it off. Good luck with the script. You can sleep on Thursdday, right? :)

    I guess enough time has elapsed between when I read The Hunger Games trilogy and when I saw the movies that any differences haven't bothered me.

    John @


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