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Friday, April 11, 2014

Blogging A to Z: J is for Jester

I couldn't figure out what to to write earlier for J. Work was busy and I couldn't focus on much, but after watching CCC's production of "The Rocky Horror Show" and the subsequent trip to Denny's (which is standard after a theatre production, whether watching or acting).

I have it! Jesters!

I am playing the fool, literally. Trinculo is the drunken jester/clown/fool. I also played Bottom two years ago in KLP's "A Midsummer's Night Dream". Now I am playing the fool again in "The Tempest". Some might say, 'typecasting', maybe, but I truly enjoying playing over the top roles. Also, I am just glad that someone have given me the chance to prove myself on the stage. Trinculo is a boorish character, drunk and generally an ass. I would not like someone like Trinculo, but that is why I love to play thees characters. They are so wild and crazy, and feels somewhat liberating to play something that is very opposite to myself.

This show I am dedicating to my friend Jane who passed away back in February, she was a clown and an avid theatre folk (director, stage manager, and actor). I am the jester and to all my fellow fools, feast upon thy lordly gifts of laughter and mirth. For these are the gifts that others most pine for. You do a good service. I bow to you, in honour and toast you great names.

Oh, Dear Readers, raise a glass to the Fools!

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